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Black Ghost Cat



It was back in 2005. My husband and I have four daughters, and we were living in this tiny two-bedroom home. We were so cramped in this house, but could not afford to buy a larger home at the time. My husband went to repair the ceiling in the family room when he came up with the idea to take half our attic space and make a loft out of it. He tore out the ceiling and made it vaulted in the family room. He put a wooden set of stairs in so the loft could be accessed from the family room. The loft was only five feet tall, but we carpeted it and dry walled it off. We then took all our girls' toys and put them up there. The kids loved it and played up there everyday for hours.

One night, after everyone was asleep, I was watching TV in the family room. I fell asleep for a few minutes then woke up. I was in a recliner right at the bottom of the loft steps. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, so I turned. I saw this skinny, little black cat coming down the stairs. I leaned forward to get a better look, and the cat slowed down, started hunching down, and slowly looked at me, then took one more step and just vanished. I couldn't believe what I had seen. I had a cat at the time, but he was 19 years old and about 20 lbs., and all orange. He never went up those steps due to his feeble body. I shook it off, as maybe I was really tired and not seeing things right.

It was winter break, and the kids were all fighting and being really annoying. I said, "Why don't you guys go play up in the loft?" They all said no, they didn't want to. Then my 10-year-old blurted out, "I won't go up there anymore because there is a black ghost cat up there." The other kids started to laugh at her, but I said, "What did you say?" She said she would see it dart by real quick and disappear. She said, "It's just weird, Mom."

This house had belonged to my grandparents before I bought it. I saw an old photo of my mom as a teen in the backyard of this house. She was holding a black cat just like the one I saw. My mom is deceased, so I can't really get anymore info regarding this ghost cat. We never saw it again since then, and have since moved.

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