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2003 Your True Tales


JULY 2003
Story of the Month: Close Encounter with Chessie
A Young Boy's Footsteps - Ouija Contact
My Angel's Voice - Five-Minute Trip Through Time
The Vampire Woman - Chupacabras in El Paso
Another Chupacabras Sighting - The Chupacabras Curse
Restless Spirit - Confederate SoldierWhen Dreams Come True - Alien Descent
Eyes in the Sky - Embracing the Hereafter
Amazing Thunderbird Sighting - Chased By a Ghost
Haunted House? - Firestarter
I See People Who Aren't There - Ghostly Goings-On
Mythological Demons Are Real - Invisible Companion
Swapped Lives - It Sat On My Bed
Vision in the Vortex - Possessed Toy
Dowsing Success - Boy in the Photo
The Purple Monster - Soldier's Ghost
Haunted Trailer Park - Grandpa's Advice
The Thing Under the Bed - Big Blue Ball of Fire
The Stone Throne - The Red Demon

Darkness Phones - Ouija Lady in White
Psychokinetic Anger - The Black Entity
Ghostly Slap on the Back - Signs in Coins
Plea from the Future - Comforting Angel
Heavenly Bird - The Bald Ghost
Psychic Climate Control - Astonishing Coincidences
Brother's Doppelganger - ER Spirit
Monster in the Mirror - Trapped by Beings
An Angel Watching - Hellhound or Werewolf
Incubus Attack - Jersey Devil Encounter
Angel in the Car - Possessed Son
My Shadow - Hospital Angel
Ouija Message - Magic Money
Oregon Creature - Past Life in the Tower
Psychometry - Psychometric Experience
The Revenge - Something Pure Evil
Summoned Telepathically - Strange Spider
Baby Emily
The Secret Friend - Thunderbird, Up Close
Who Was It?

Story of the Month: Daddy's Valentine's Day Visit
Unexplained Death Notice - Comforting Angels
The Psychic Saw Him - Mennonite Ghost
The Ghost from the Wardrobe - Suicide Ghost
The Thing Returns - Chupacabras Attack
Dimensional Warp Generator Needed
The Stick Figure - My Mother's Playmates
Man in the Silver Spacesuit - Ghostly Conversations
Night Visitors - Ouija and Maggie Turner
Mother's Command - Ouija and Old Nick
Ma-Ma Still Takes Care of Me - Spectre in Brown Pants
Highway Ghost - Men in Black... and Cookies
Prophetic Dream - Professor's Haunted House
Paulding Lights - Pi Sound and Meditation Projection
Phantom Vehicle - Phone Call from Beyond the Grave
Another Phone Call from Beyond - The Legend of Robert and May
Shoved By an Invisible Being - Synchronistic Intruders
Mom Knew - The Angel's Visit
Twin Towers Vision - Train Tracks in San Antonio
Uncle's Visit - Unexplained Snap
Poltergeist Activity - Mother's Smoke
Writing on the Wall - Two Presences in the House
Strange Sighting in Western Australia

Story of the Month: Chupacabras Encounter
Lancashire Ghosts - The Greenish-Blue Head
Sept. 11 Prophetic Dream - The Dead Come Back
Grandpa's Apparition - The Haunted Mask
A Visit from Satan - Faery Circle
Witch Haunting or Electronic Malfunction? - The Gray Ghost
Great Grandmother is Watching - Grandpa Returns
The Missing Brush - The Russian Ghost
Haunted Daycare - Sex-Crazed Aliens
Time Slip in Australia - OBE Visions
Same Day Twice - Little Boy Lost
Restaurant Ghost - The Ghost Car
The Evil One - The Ghost That Watched Me
The Tripping Ghost - The Tram Road Light
The Warning - Was It a Dream or Not?
Abduction Memory - Our Resident Ghost

Story of the Month: The Green Ghost Under the Bed
Bigfoot Attack - Witnessed Abduction?
Haunted Trailer - Apparitions and Medicine Cards
Chupacabra... or Something Like It - More DOP Tricks
Shmoos in the Woods - Evil Aboard
Pale Ghost - I Know What It's Like to Die
Manifestation of Dead Son - Beware the 26th
My Civil War Haunting - My Dog Sees Ghosts
The Black Swamp Creature - Poltergeist Activity
The Spinning Spirit - Dowsing Works
The Three Bangs - Nightmare Voices
Haunted in Massachusetts - The Hooded Specter
Farmer Ghost - Psychic Sense
Strange Marks - Chicken Ghosts
Premonition of Sept. 11 - Mardi Gras Premonition
Psychometry Experiences - Flying Thing
About the Shadow People - Psychic Empath
Sparks - Possessed Necklace - The Black Beast
The Shadow Child and the Prophecy
$10 Coincidence - The Ghost House
The Widow's Ghost - East Village Ghost
UFO Encounter in Massachusetts
Was It a Guardian Angel?

Story of the Month: Unexplained Sighting
Dog Sensed the Spirit - The Dark Figure
Wife Saw the Old Hag - A Dying Man's Last Message
Haunted Ghost Tour - Many Ghosts
Dream or Something More? - Visit to Another Dimension
The Leg-Dragging Ghost - Chupacabra in Texas
Encounters with a Black Figure - I Sense Spirits
The Ghost Orb - Mildred's Ghost
Thunderbird and the Eclipse - Golden Gift from Beyond
The Haunted House - Heaven's Gates
May Aunt and the Demon - How to Be Invisible
Missing Time - Chocolate-Loving Angel
Phantom Cat - Shadow of a Murderer
Disappearing Hole - My Grandfather's Ghost
Old Hag Experience - The Man in the Cloak
Extraterrestrial Contact - Old Hag Terror
Lincoln Family Reincarnation? - Children's Past Lives?
Chupacabra in Arizona - Grandma Visits
Hotel Ghost in Savannah
Strange Winged Creature and Other Weirdness

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