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2008 Your True Tales

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true


Grandpa's Light - Nightshift Ghost
The Dirty Ghost - The Demlar House
Haunted Bowling Balls - Singing in the Water
Humpback Bridge - Ghost Tugged the Towel
Death Light - Mystery Caboose
Leinakauhane - Cat-Hunting Gargoyle
Jungle Man from Space - Missing Time in the Willamette Valley
Little Ghost's Footsteps - Humanoid Walked on Water
Confederate Cemetery on Halloween - Spirit Bought Me Sweets
Butterflies and Reincarnation - Ghost on the Elevator

Sounds of Chinese Meditation - Little People of the Swamp
Who is Jack Lenny? - UFO and a Boulder
The Ghost's Arm - Gypsy's Predictions
Angelic Tire Service - Bedpost Gargoyles
Husband's Presence - Ghoul from the Closet
Phantom Car at 3 P.M. - Followed by Dark Beings
Toy Phone Call - Pterodactyl on the Bridge
Angel Apparition - Fisher's Haunted House
Spectre in Springdale - Out-of-Body Walk
The Green Fog - Who Could Live Here?
Past Life of Torture - Haunted Monopoly Game
Man in the Road - Brick House Full of Ghosts

MARCH 2008
The Ghost of Vanderbilj Park - The Ghost and the Towel
Black-Eyed Customer - Secret in the Attic
Vanishing Woman on the Beach - Mysterious Looped Road
Her Name is Lena - Benjamin's Ghost
The Black Hand - The Feeling of Evil
Landlord's Ghost Watches - House of Banging and Crashes
Deer People - Deer Woman or Skinwalker?
Struck by the Ouija - Laughing, Running Ghost
Handsome, Angry Ghost - Fire Nymph
Native American Ghosts - Girlfriend's Doppelganger
The Walk-In

APRIL 2008
Queen Mary Ghost's Cry - The Shrieking Hulk
Skinwalker Attack - Roma Poltergeist
Papa's Ghost - Psychic Tunnel?
Chupacabras Attack - The Blackness
Haunted Door - A Ghost Calls
Unexplained Light - Wormhole on a Country Road
Grave Coincidence - Entity in White
Cat on the Ceiling - Dark Smoke Entity
Sixth Sense - Wheezing Shadow Man
My Apartment Wormhole - Pulsating White Form
Two Ghosts in France - Clouds of Little People
The Canyon Boys

MAY 2008
Brisbane Gremlin - Dream Warning
Mysterious Stigmata Lady - Ghost of a Dog
Pre-Birth Angel Talk - Unexplained Poltergeist
Hopping Creature - Sensed Father's Illness
Decorator Ghost - Strange Encounters
Invisible Kid - Angel Nurse
Grandpa's Spirit - Phantom Train Light
Red Cross Nurse Ghost - Maine Ghost
Creature of the Nature Reserve - Cedar Springs Haunting
Campground Shadow People - Eerie Green Sphere
Shadows and Ghosts - Nazareth House Entity
Shape-Shifting Lover - Encounter with a Djin

JUNE 2008
Victorian Ghost - Nothing Can Hold Me Back
Walking Tree - UFO on the Roof
More Citrus Heights Ghosts - Faery Sightings
Levitating Scissors - Manteca Chupacabras
Little Ghost Friend - Lizard Man and Missing Time
Haunted Victorian - Chanting Reaper
Saved by Pure Voice - Note from a Dead Man
Alien Hair Treatment - Shadow Person Attack
Mysterious Author and Book - Before I Was Born
Bizarre Apple Tree Incident - Waving Phantom
Haunted Trampoline - 2nd Avenue Poltergeist
The O'Brien Haunting - Ghost of Morrow Road

July - December 2008 stories

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