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2009 Your True Tales

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true


Out of Body Adventures | Giggles and Knocks
Surgery OBE | Not Quite Human
Haunted Cinema | Husband's Bilocation
Tall, Guarding Phantom | Phantom Train
White-Haired Ghost | Cussing Phantom Phone Call
New Zealand Poltergeist | Fire Dream
Daughter's Call | Furry Creature Report
Missing Time on Sprague Road | Civil War Ghost Released
Followed by the Banshee | Ghost Scribbles
Giant Raptor Witnessed by 5 | Telepathic Connection
Mexican Tongue Monster | Mysterious Night at Gravity Hill
Visits from God | Strange Night Visitor
The Angel's Delay | Gnomes of Mexico
Computer Ghost

The Locking Ghost | Good Luck / Bad Luck Coin
Reaper Sighting in Utah | Girl in the Tree
Ghost at the Accident | Creature of Fear
The Crow Killer | UFO Over Myrtle Beach
The Ghost's Hair | The Ghost Let Her Know
George's Ghost | Sookinyah
Little Chasing Ghosts | Tall Shadow Man
Sasquatch in a Crate | The Wailing Spirit
Vision of Long-Ago Murder | Lab Doppelganger
The Angry Ghost | Phantom Ambulance
Dark Highway Figure | Gramps to the Rescue

MARCH 2009
Ghost in the Shelf | Skinless Yellow-Eyed Creature
Three Tall Beings | Freaky Doppelganger Experience
Cyclops of the Dark | Black-Eyed Shopper
Ghost in Grandma's House | Cornfield Creature
Missing Time in New York | Don't Make Fun of Grandma
The Duende | Dad's Doppelganger
Pink Men and Mince Pies | Six-Year-Old's NDE
Daughter's Bilocation | Sky Squid
Triangle Man | The Pontianak
The Walking High Chair | German Shepherd Ghost
Faces in the Tiles | Haunted Trailer
Werewolf Sighting

APRIL 2009
People in the Kitchen | The Guiding Light
Faceless Man in Black | Pushy Ghost
The Mannequin's Touch | Thanksgiving Shadow Giant
Musical Ghosts | Friend Says Goodbye
Abduction in Quebec | Classroom Ghost
Boy in the TV | TB Ghost
Little Hairy Creatures of "A" Mountain | Fat Little Shadow Beings
Raptor Sighting in Georgia | Paralyzed by a UFO
UFO Affected My Vision | The Haunted Bed
Shadow Man at Girlfriend's House | Sparkling Fairy
Hunchbacked Ghost | Asthma NDE
Huge Creature at the Window | Lemurians on Mt. Shasta
The Marfa Lights and Lost Time

MAY 2009
Black-Eyed Couple | Dimension Shifts in Yorkshire
Doppelganger, Double Sighting | Voice from the Grave
Sign from Gunner | Thief's Missing Time
In Bed with a Doppelganger | Ghost at the Desk
Dr. Ghost | Bothered by Shadow Person
Headless Horseman | More Ghost Knocks
Strange Happenings | Bigfoot or Alien
London Time Slip | Haunted Switch
Lady of the Evening | Pre-Birth Consciousness
OBE - Shadow Man Encounter | Haunted Cemetery
Baby Monitor Time Warp | Uncle's Ghost Gives Closure
Lady in the Blue Dress | Enemy Swim Lake
Out-of-Body Escape

JUNE 2009
Time Slip to a Nightmare | The Dark Thing
The Ghost Lady | Missing Time in Los Lunas
Channeling Dr. Phil | The Impatient Ghost
The Haunted Leashes | The Ghost Saved Us
Ghost and the Tulas Tree | Ghost Step-Dad
Bigfoot Peeked In | Watched By a Star
Reincarnation Knitting | Dead Folk in Live Oak
Message from the Mirror | Angel Twin's Visit
Ghost of Little Big Horn | Mother's Blooms
Call for Help | Altered Reality
Time Phase in the Grand Canyon | Angel to the Lonely
Owl People | Midnight Sprectre
Strange Little People

July - December 2009 stories

Past years of Your True Tales

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