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2011 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true

Ghost House
After Show Angels
Lots of Ghosts
Hospital Ghosts
Ghost Mate
Dimes from the Step-Father
Playful Apparition
Hubby's Doppleganger
Haunted Gaol
The Lady in White Saves Teen
Pink Lady Bids Farewell
Just a Dream... Or Was It?
LBJ Lake Monster Sighting
Creepy Lake Man
Guardian Angel Revealed
Cursed Blanket
Can His Music Save Your Mortal Soul?
Shadow Frankenstein
Subway Creepfest
That's. Not. Audrey.
Strange Man in Black
Hunting in the Otherworld
Haunted Farmhouse
Happy Birthday -- NOT
Navajo School Ghosts and Skinwalkers

Lamp of Darkness
Creepy Bridge
Mystery Moons
Gypsy Curse
Disappearing Victim
Ghostly Playmate
A Skeptic's Haunting
Spiritualist Experience
Fairy Party
Church Apparition
Phantom Pedestrian Crash
Slave Boy Ghost
Motorbike Warning
The Disappearing Road
Creepy Childhood Home
Tarot Mayhem
Psychic Roommate
White Ghost at the Camp, Part II
The Crying Ghost
Enigmatic Lightning Strikes
Guardian Angel of Light
Haunted House? Case Closed
Doppelganger Colleague
Haunted Basement
Psychic Wedding Warning
Helped By Imaginary Friend
Haunted Hotel Room
Ghost in the Garden

MARCH 2011
Grandma's Postmortem Visit
French Spectre
De Spookboerderij
Figures Through the Window
Creepy Cemetery
Papaw Checks In and Out
The Orb Likes Shakespeare
Haunted House Tale
Lifting Spirit
Strange Blue Light
House Grim
Grandmother Haunts Us
Mystery Music
Big Bird Beauty
Mrs. Careter Says Goodbye
Super Exhaustion or Missing Time?
Scary Housesitting Job
Black Haired Entity
The Hole Truth
Buzzing Out of Body Experiences
Road Trip Time Trip
Cul-de-sac from Hell
Freaky Fairies
Healing Beings
Hooded Figure on New Cut Road

APRIL 2011
Fight with the Devil
Alien Worms Redux
Another Black-Eyed Person Incident
Black-Eyed Thing at the Old Mill
Poltergeist's Pillow
Evil Ghost Lady
Bird out of Hell
Afterlife Dream Message
A Haunting at Port Arthur
Creepy Babysitting Experience
Freakish Black-Eyed Man
Haunted House in Saratoga Springs
Haunted School
Utah Highway Creature
Grandpa's Visit from Beyond
Haunted Australian House
Missing Time at Bedtime
The Strangling Ghost
Tens and Dimes
Poltergeist Attack
Giant Bird-Bat Creature
Ghost in the Kitchen
Ghouls of the Catacombs
Glimpse of Future Events
Voices in the Night
Saved By Poppie

MAY 2011
Disappearing Flies
Growling Mystery
Hoofed Creature at the Door
Horrible Animal in the Yard
The Elf of Pymatuning Park
Paranormal Paranoia
Haunting Experiences
Black-Eyed Bookstore People
Wisconsin Apparition
Black-Eyed Girl in Denmark
A Poltergeist Story
Eric the Ghost
Death Premonition
A Big Dog Saves the Day
The Devil's Own
Doppleganger or Imaginary Friend?
Grammy's Still Around
The Fly Whisperer

JUNE 2011
The Happy Ghost
Beating the Old Hag
The Unknown Boy
The Crying Girl-Thing
Shrouded Deathbed Vision
Nowata Ghost Light
Strange Boy and Hooded Figure
Waking Vision of Disclosure
Black-Eyed Demon
Another Creepy Creature
Scary Story Becomes Real
The Ghost's Warning
Smoky Apparition
Black-Eyed Kid Wants In
Guardian Angel at the Steps
Vintage Wendigo Family Tale
India's Haunted Forest
Child Ghost on the Stairs
Magnetic Dad
Haunted Hospital
Green Demon Night Terror Evidence
Generous Ghost
Girlfriend Ghost
Demon Shadow Screamer at the Retreat
Sad Premonition
Time Warp at Woodside
Phantom Phone Photo
Unfortunate Portal

July - December 2011 stories

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