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2012 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true

Attacked by Hooded Beings
Beautiful Banshee
Black-Eyed Salesman
Chased By a Hell Hound
Chia's Ghost
Church-Yard Glower
Cloaked Entity Scares a Skeptic
Dillion State Park Bigfoot
Fisher Price Phone Future Dream
The Ghost of The Columns
The House in Banes Meadow
Juggling UFOs Over Disneyland
Knows About Little People
Margate UFO
Mischievous Poltergeist
The Red Glow Incident
Scary Sleep Paralysis
Shadows and Moans
Spectacular UFO Sighting
Spooked By a Poltergeist
The Statue Creature
Strange Incident at Coburg Castle
The Girl on the Stairs
More on The Ashen Ghost
Stick Man in Oklahoma
UFOs and Ghosts
We Heard Bigfoot's Rage
The Second Mom
Strange Ball of Light and Cologne

An Animal Ghost?
Bad Luck Old Hag Experience
The Black-Eyed Man Who Wasn't There
British Soldier's Ghost
Childhood Shadow Fears
Demon at Grandparents' House
The Demon of Tullichewan Castle Woods
Disappearing Phone and Phantom Call
Disappearing Vehicles
The Dormitory Entity
Eight-Foot Creature Terrifies Dogs
The Floating Shoe
Ghost Monk
Ghost's Suicide or Murder?
Giant Beast-Man Imitates Ducks
Girl at the Bonfire
Grandma Rebukes from Beyond
Grandma's Haunted Barn
Guardian Angel or Higher Power Watches Me
The Haunting of Kanaka Pete, Axe Murderer
Hooded Being Possessed Our Car
The Man in the Hospital Room
Mimicking Entities
Nail Polish Remover Telekinesis
Nova Scotia Poltergeist
Odd, Terrifying Encounter in the Fog
Patterson-Gimlim Film: A New Tall Tale
Phantom Knocks
Phantom River
The Possessed Doll
Restroom Ghost
Saved by an Angel in a Pickup Truck
Time Slip in the Pyrenees
Window to Another Dimension

MARCH 2012
11:11 - Mom's Last Text
Angry Parking Garage Ghost
Automatic Writing Puzzle
Bookcase Warning
Brown-Eyed Ghost
Death Knocks for Mam
Death Knocks in Illinois
Demon Activity... or Something
Felt the September 11 Attacks
The Ghost Didn't Like Loud Music
Ghost Took the Teddy Bear
Gnomes of Golden West Park
Harbinger for Dad's Passing
Haunted by Leapfrogging Cars
Hospital Space-Time Confusion
The Leighton Buzzard Poltergeist
Light Beams and UFOs
The Little Barefoot Ghost
Messy Poltergeist
Oracle Cards Mystery
Overpowering Demons
Prophetic Dream About Old Acquaintance
Residual or Intelligent Haunting?
Shower Faces and a Warning
Slaterville Poltergeist
Tall, Dark Guardian Angel
UFO Sighting Begins Strangeness

APRIL 2012
A Father's Message
A Mother's Death
Alien Creature at the Window
Angel Saved Me from Freak Car Crash
The Boy Who Wasn't There
Brother's Ghost
Demon's Mysterious Message
Fort Gordon UFO
Grandmother's Coin
Grim Reaper in the Field
Haunted Battleship
Haunted in New Albany
The Haunted Vintage Doll
High Strangeness on the Alaska Highway
Just Open to Contact
Kingman Poltergeist
The Leprechaun of Parque Fundidora
Little Girl in the Mirror
The Monkey Saw the Ghost
The Pagan Entity of Finland
Poltergeist Forces a Move
Saved By Uncle Jack's Ghost
Sinister Entity
Son's Evil Attachment
Sparrows as Death Messengers
Storms Stir Up Weirdness
Stress Breaks Casserole Dish?
Tree People of Maine
Triangular UFO in Texas
Weird Fluorescent Light
The Whistler
The Wicked Face

MAY 2012
College Professor's Ghost
Dad Watches Us
Daddy's Voice
Ghost Followed Me
Ghost Hitchhiker and Car
Ghost in a Nightgown
Ghost Sounded the Bugle
Grandfather's Warning
Haunted in Adelaide
House Fire Premonition
I Shot a Ghost
Miraculous Phone Repair
Modular Home Poltergeist
Mother's Ghost Visits Baby
My Very Haunted House
Natalie's Poltergeist
Night of the Talking Pants
Seven Foot Shadow Man
Sixth Sense Runs in the Family
Spook Spooked the Cat
Stockyard City Ghosts
Three Loud Death Knocks
UFO Over Tacoma
A Visit From Mom
Watched by Gnomes

JUNE 2012
A Visit From Mom
Black-Eyed Passenger
Demon Wolf
The Demon's Noose
Entity Incubus Attacks
The Exorcism Ghost
Faceless Ghost in White
Fairy of Berkshire County
Freaky Encounter on the Road to Portland
Get Out of My Room
Gettysburg Ghosts
Grandpa's Playful Ghost
Housekeeper's Ghost
The Laughing Jinn
Meditative Drop into the Void
Middlesborough Graveyard Ghosts
More About the Victoria Plaza Hotel Ghost
Mysterious Figures
Night Terrors
On the Ledge of the Abyss
Oscar's Tapping Ghost
Past Life in Africa
Poltergeist and Evil Entity
Shadowy Puddle Entity
Son's Ghost Appears to Many
Strange Burst of Light
Strange Crow Behavior
Strange Duel Dreams
Tormented by Girl's Ghost
UFO Over Chico
Uncle's Dream Gift

July - December 2012 stories

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