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2013 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true

Are You Scared?
The Beast of Tolaga
Bigfoot Pays a Visit
Daddy Visits His Baby Girl
The Day My Father Met the Devil
Disappearing, Reappearing Mouse
Dream Foretold Unusual Traffic
Footsteps, Chains, and Ghosts
Ghost in the SUV
Ghost On the Second Floor
Ghosts from the Old Cemetery
Ghost's Touch at Ghost Town
Great Uncle Charlie's Ghost
Mystery in Shoshone National Forest
Our Haunted Cabin
Phantom Voice Called Me
The Sign in the Clouds
Succubus Encounter
Unwelcome Bunk Mates
Weird Time Slip at Stockton
Wind or Cruise Poltergeist?
A Year of Shadow People Attacks

Bad Luck or Good Luck?
A Bag of Hexes
Black-Eyed Kids at the Window
Crowded by My Guardian Angel
The Cry Outside
Dead Aunt Left a Message
Driveway Dimension Shift
Elevator Ride to the Future
Entity with a Vulture
Evil Marriage Wrecker
Friend Adjusts to the Other Side
Grandma's Presence
Haunted Pokemon Cards
Hot Looking Ghost
Mary's Ghost Acts Out
Military Truck Mystery
Mimicking White Mist
The Old Witch's Ghost
Premonition Dream of Sandy Hook
Pterosaur Sighting in Ontario
The Punishing Ghosts
The Saving Fog
Scream from the Graveyard
Shadow People and Protective Light
Premonition of Uncle's Death
Shadowy Cloaked Entity
Stirling Poltergeist
Sulfur and the House That Wasn't There
Tails Doll Materializes
Unexplained Phantom Attack
Weird Creature in the Dogwood

MARCH 2013
Another Striped-Tail Cryptid Sighting
Assaulted by Two Ghosts
Cabinet Poltergeist
Entity Under the Motel Bed
The Fish-Man Entity
The Flash and the Voice
Ghost in the Tunnel
The Haunted Ranch
Healing and Being Healed
The Jinns and the Jewelry
Little Child's Ghost
Medium Channeled the Wrong Spirit
The Miracle Toy Shop
Mysterious Vanishing Cemetery
Nino's Ghost
Premonitions That Almost Came True
Ritual Contacts Dead Friend
Suffocating Sleep Paralysis
Warning from Mysterious Stranger
Watched by a Shadow Man
We Awoke the Ghost
Witness to Spirits
The Worried Leprechaun

APRIL 2013
Aunt's Death Knocks
Bellefontaine UFOs and Aliens
Cuddled by Something
Family-Wrecking Haunted House
Friend's Ghost Doesn't Blame Me
Globe-Shaped UFO Over Oklahoma
Gordonsbay Poltergeist
The Haunted Bed
I See Orbs
Meditation Awakens Mysterious Chant
Monkey Boy of Lake George
Pixie's Comforting Ghost
Shriver's Friendly Ghost
Sister Communicates Through Dimes
Snake Man
Tall Shadowy Figure
Taunted by Jinn
Tormenting Little Creatures
UFO Over Michigan Affects Car
The Visiting Gnome
Voices of Warning
Creepy Stranger Not of This World

MAY 2013
Battling UFOs
Bizarre Behaving "Star"
Black-Eyed Girl at Motel
Conversations with My TV
The Demon's Revenge
The Dog Knew Something Was There
George, the Ghost Cat
Ghost Nun Out for a Walk
Grandfather's Ghost on the Street
The Haunt on the 59th St. Bridge
Haunted House in Waxahachie
Haunted Raggedy Ann Doll
Knocks from an Empty Room
Mothman in Texas
My Imaginary Friend
The Rudely Talking Alarm Clock
Spirit Vibration
Unexplained Wall Smashing
Vanishing Money Mystery
Vision Dream of the Massacre

JUNE 2013

Always the Banging at Night
Aunt's Smiling Ghost
Beautiful Skinwalker Haunts Trucker
Calling on a Star... or UFO
Conversations with My TV - Part II
Cryptids, UFOs, and Demons
Daughter Saw Grandfather's Ghost
Death Entity or Grim Reaper
Forest Mystery
Ghost in Kilkenny
Ghost of Santa Anna's Army
The Girl Who Wasn't Me
God in the Sky
The Haunted Safe House
The Hulking Ogre
Husband's Spirit Still Lingers
Jack the Blaster's Ghost
Little Ghost Blue
The Luminous Ghost
Mean Old Man's Ghost
My Extraordinary Companion
My Many Haunted Houses
Poltergeist Attachment
Poltergeist Hides Things
Thunderbird Sighting in the Woods
Thunderbird Sighting in Virginia
Whirlwind Dream, or Not a Dream

July - December 2013 stories

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