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2014 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true



Your True Tales

JULY 2014

Black-Eyed Kids at the Front Door
Friend's Poltergeist Kept Me Awake
Hooded Being at the Double-Wide
Mimicking Entity Scares Us
Past Life in a WWII Concentration Camp
The Wood Gnome
The Footsteps and the Tapping
The Legend of the Hoofed Lady
Keys Popped Out of Nowhere
Dimensional Shifts at the Stadium
General Bowie's Ghost
It Sure Wasn't the Tooth Fairy
Giggling Ghost of the Stock Room
Kids Played with a Ghost Boy
Saved from Fatal Accident by a Voice
Encounter with Sun Valley Creature
The Witch of the Mexican Hills

JUNE 2014

Dark Phantom Watches Me
Ghosts of the Fires
Signs of Wiley's Spirit
The Haunted Cave and the Demon
Bigfoot Family in Missouri
Young Doppelganger or Time Slip
Poked by Ghostly Finger
White Moth Angel Guide
Time Weirdness in Anaheim
Encounters with Evil Spirits
King Tut's Curse Got Me
Black-Eyed Banshee
Three-Year-Old with Second Sight
Shadow Demon Dog
The House Next Door
Connection to Grandpa in a Dream
Shadow Ghost of the Hostel
Crying Baby Ghosts

MAY 2014

Mocking Green Entity
Night of the Hell Hounds
Mysterious Family Obsessed with My Car
Vanishing into the Void
Shadow Man Haunted Our Home
Shadow Entity in the Corner
Dreams Become Reality
Weird Coincidence or Ghostly Message
Saved by an Ancient Entity
Poltergeist Messes with Electronics
Run Off the Road by Black-Eyed Man
Playful Poltergeist in Kentucky
Success with Angel Healing
Shadow Figure Grabbed My Arm
Pets Return After Death

APRIL 2014

Weird Activity After Grandma's Funeral
Creature Claws Beneath the Door
Girl's Ghost Followed Her Home
Shrinking Spectre
Missing Time at the Gas Station
Phantom Car Passed Through Us
Giant Spider-like Creature
Possessive Ghost Car Owner
The Haunted Cadaver
Psychic Dream of Murder
Mysterious Little Flashes of Light
Driverless Ghost Car
Angel Saved Friend from Fatal Accident
Mom's Ghost Demands Attention
Two Encounters with Hooded Beings
Ghost in the Painting
Crying, Giggling Ghost
The Fairy's Promise
A Haunting in Brooklyn
No Mistaking Red's Ghost
We Will All Be Together Again
Out of Place Mandrill or Baby Bigfoot
A Sad Near-Death Experience
Haunted Clown Painting

MARCH 2014

Neighborhood Flying Saucer
Terrified by the Cry of La Llorona
Unwanted Visions of Death
Fiery Accident That Never Happened
I Was a Black-Eyed Person
Voice From Beyond the Grave
Mom's Message of Life After Death
The Spooky Baby Carriage
Scratches from the Poltergeist
Mysterious Balls of Light and Time Weirdness
Grim Reaper Nearly Brought Death
Ghosts, Skeletons, and Being Watched
The Demon's Growl
Little Ghost Needed a Lantern
Poltergeist Made Our House Crazy
Pale Ghost Came Through My Door
The Angel of Lacombe
The Black Ghost Dog
The Taunting Little People
Prophetic Dream of 9/11


Little People Among the Flowers
Mist from the Grave
Weredog Creature of South Mountain
Hooded and Black Dressed Entities
I Am an Astral Protector
Phantom Big Cat in the Kitchen
Psychically Reaching My Sister
Unexplained Incidents in Caister
Spirit of the Dove
Levitating Dog House
Brother's Ghost Knocks
Author's Message from Beyond
Glowing Ascending Spirit
Ex-Wife's Ghost Looked for Me
Bizarre Movie Déjà Vu
Black-Eyed Kids at the Traffic Light
Doom Metal Music and Paranormal Activity
Shadow Man of the Woody Swamp
Dream of Future Attack


Ghost Around the Dog House
Thing Wanted My Essence
Deal with the Devil
Haunted New Orleans Inn
Pure Evil in the Night
Joey's Ghost Returns
Extra Money Miracle
Something is Upstairs
Ghost Screamed for Help
Out-of-Body Scare and Demon Call
Prisoner of the Ouija's Dark Abyss
Interdimensional Box
Shadow Poltergeist
Drove Out the Demons
Angel's Voice Saved Me
Gained Impossible Time on I-95
Strange Creatures Around the Bed
Evil Messing Around in My Apartment
The Tawd Valley Ghost
Ghost's Prank Calls
Entity from Hell's Gates
Something Nasty in the House


Past years of Your True Tales

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