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Ghosts of the Famous

You know their names, now learn about their ghosts and haunted legacies


IF GHOSTS ARE the residual energy of once-living people, then there’s no reason why there wouldn't be ghosts of historically famous people as there would be of anyone else. Very often, their famous lives were filled with drama, tragedy, and great conflict, and sometimes ended the same way – possibly providing the recipe for hauntings that have endured through hundreds of years.

Here are some of those famous people and the ghostly stories, legends, and sightings associated with them.

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Anne Boleyn's ghostAnne BoleynAl Capone's ghostAl CaponeBurr-Hamilton duelAaron Burr and Alexander HamiltonRobert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
Jesse JamesJesse JamesMarie LaveauMarie Laveau
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