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Anne Boleyn


Anne Boleyn's ghost

Her headless ghost has been seen at the Tower of London.

Anny Boleyn became the second wife of Henry VIII in January 1533, a marriage that would result in the break between The Church of England and The Roman Catholic Church. It was a short-lived marriage, however, as the volatile king accused his queen of adultery, incest, and treason – none of which she was likely guilty. Anne was imprisoned in the Tower of London, then executed by beheading on May 19, 1536.

Her ghost is one of the most famous in all of England. Several people have reported seeing the ghost of Anne Boleyn at Hever Castle (the Bolelyn residence), Blickling Hall (where she was born), Salle Church (where one legend says she was buried), Marwell Hall, and the Tower of London. The ghost often appears as Anne was in life – young and beautiful. But it has also been famously seen headless, with her lopped off head tucked under her arm.

One famous sighting took place at the Tower in 1864. Major General J.D. Dundas witnessed the event from the window of his quarters: he saw a white female figure floating toward a guard in the courtyard where Boleyn had been imprisoned. The guard charged at the ghostly figure with the bayonet on this rifle, but he saw it had no effect, he fainted. The guard was saved from court-martial for fainting on duty only because Major Dundas testified as to the encounter with the ghost.

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