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Hooded Beings


Strange, dark hooded beings often appear at night, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Occasionally they take the form of the Grim Reaper. Here are experiences with these frightening entities from readers just like you.

Another Hooded Being

A couple sees a "person" about 7 feet tall or more in an all-black robe with a hood and long cane.

Another Hooded Figure

Ellen saw a figure in a long robe and rope sash walk across the railroad tracks.

Another Robed Figure

Morgan saw standing before the window a black thing in a black robe and a black cloak/hood thing over it.

Attacked by Hooded Beings

"The fourth hooded being was standing about a foot and a half from me on my right side. I couldn't tell what they were doing, other than talking with my wife...."

Black-Cloaked Entity

Tom sees a shape of something, darker then the shadows moving down the sidewalk.

Black-Cloaked Entity Changed My Life

"It never appeared and it never approached. It did something completely different, really strange, and nearly impossible to describe...."

Black-Cloaked "Person"

Out of the corner of her eye, Angela sees a black-cloaked hooded "person" sitting on her bed and staring at her.

Black-Hooded Demon

In his bedroom, Matt saw a man standing there in a black robe with a hood that covered his face in darkness.

Black-Hooded Figure

Another black-hooded figure with the red eyes, frightening but not threatening -- and with a sense of humor!

Caped Ghost

In a hospital, a man saw a tall man wearing a long black cape walking away from him.

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