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Utah Highway Creature



This took place was on Highway 191 northbound between the towns of Monticello and Moab, Utah in late fall of 2010 in the month of November.

A couple I know, good friends of mine, were traveling to Salt Lake City one early morning from the small Utah town of Montezuma Creek, Utah. Having left the town in the predawn hours, they found themselves passing a small Mormon town called Monticello, an hour and a half into their trip, in southern Utah's high desert area.

About 20 minutes out of the that town, they eventually began talking, unfortunately getting into a heated debate rather quickly. This was of no surprise to me since they were always arguing over the most minuscule subjects.

This particular argument got a bit more heated than usual, so my friend's wife, who was driving at the time, pulled off to the side of the road to cool off right after passing the Highway 191 and County Rd. 46 intersection. It was still a bit dark, but the sky was getting brighter. She stayed in the vehicle while my friend stepped out of the truck to get some fresh air.

As he was just about finish, he took a quick glance at the road behind them and noticed in the distance, a little less than a mile, a figure on the side of the road "hobbling" as it walked toward the truck. This surprised him in that they hadn't seen or passed a person since they left Monticello. As he stood there, he realized it grew in size, meaning that it approached at incredible speed.

Backing up, he yelled at his wife, "Get ready to leave fast!" At a dead sprint, he ran to his truck and jumped into the passenger side, only to find himself screaming at the top of his lungs to his girlfriend, instructing her to, "Go! Go! Go!" Slamming his door, he took one glance back outside his window as the truck peeled off, and saw what he said can only be described as the most mangy looking human/animal he's ever seen.

He couldn't tell if it was in rags or just a heavy-coated black animal running/hobbling very fast, as it did quickly catch up to the side of his truck. According to him, the way the eyes looked struck him with terror. They were very large, almost bulging out as would a praying mantis's eyeballs, but with pinpoint pupils.

Too afraid, he looked away at his wife, who was starting to shake uncontrollably. He took the steering wheel realizing she also took a glance at this thing, her foot still flooring the accelerator.

Trying to calm her down, he maintained a firm grip on the steering wheel for a good two minutes, finally looking over his shoulders outside the truck and saw, nothing. Half and hour later, they were driving into the city limits of Moab, Utah.

I'll never forget this story, or that they stayed in Moab all day until family members came down from Salt Lake City to escort them the rest of the way back to the city.

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