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Witchcraft and Spells

What you need to know about the strange world of witchcraft and Wicca, including spells you can try.
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Be Careful What You Say
Your True Tales of Be Careful What You Say - October 2013

Black Magic Curse Backfires
Black Magic Curse Backfires - September 2010

The Housemaid's Curse
Your True Tales of The Housemaid's Curse

Possessed: My Grandmother, the Witch
A grandmother's bizarre turn to the occult leads to paranormal activity and a terrifying discovery.

Paganism / Wicca
This About.com site, hosted by Guide Patti Wigington, features everything you need or want to know about the subject, including insightful articles.

More on Sookinyah
More on Sookinyah - Your True Tales - September 20009

The Tarot Omens
Your True Tales of The Tarot Omens

Witches and Curses: Your True Tales
True stories from readers.

Alchemy Virtual Library
Over 90 megabytes of information on alchemy and all its facets, including nearly 200 complete alchemical texts.

Amulets, Talismans and Charms
Each is created for a different purpose: a charm is worn to attract good luck; an amulet provides protection from danger; and a talisman is used to attract a particular benefit to its owner.

Candle Lore and Magic
Candles have a long history in religious worship, magic and folklore, says the author. They dispel the forces of darkness; they are associated with ghosts and the dead; and they play a role in incubated dreaming.

Chants, Prayers and Invocations
A selection of incantations you can use daily to invoke spiritual deities.

Creative Visualization and Wicca
Properly honed, creative visualization, your own imagination, is perhaps the greatest Craft tool at your disposal.

Fate magazine asks: The only question is, does the curse have any effect, or is it merely a satisfying way of letting off steam?

Here's a pretty good article on the history of curses throughout the world, and the current uses of curses and hexes, just in case you need a good one.

Dawn of the Witch
They have existed since the dawn of history, and most likely for millennia before. But with such an ancient history, when did the witch first appear?

Defining Witchcraft
Medieval theologian St Thomas Aquinas did much to associate witchcraft with the Devil, arguing that demons formed an evil army of lesser angels in league with Satan; demons who could lure humans to his service.

Love Spells: Use Both Candles and Common Sense
Isabelle Ghaneh offers a personal story about her experience with love spells, and some advice for those looking to give love magic a try.

Magick TV
This site offers a Pagan-themed news video that you can either watch online or download to your PC or iPod.

The Male Witch
A male witch provides a lot of answers about modern witches, the religion of Wicca, covens, witchcraft and the purpose of practicing witchcraft.

Rituals and Spells
From the Necronomicon Research Group come such spells as "Against Hordes of Demons," "Binding of the Sorcerers," and "Recover Potency."

The Sabbats of Wicca
Witches celebrate eight festivals or Sabbats throughout the year. Here's what and when they are, and what they mean.

Spells and Magic
A place for you to find the spells for your needful things, including money, sex and lust spells, liberation, binding for the annoying, lost and found, and many more.

Witchcraft Hysteria
A spellbinding site from National Geographic that takes you back in time to the Salem witch trials. Terrific!

Witchcraft - World of Wicca
Whether you're a witch, wiccan, pagan, Christian or whatever, this site invites anyone with an open mind to look "outside your own box."

The Witches' Voice
Here is an excellent site for anyone interested in witches and witchcraft, with a lot of basic information, holidays, music, events and much more.

Curses! 4 Tales of Sinister Forces
Whether they are supernatural or not, curses can have powerful, devastating effects

Mexican Witch's Curse
Mexican Witch's Curse - Your True Tales - October 2012

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