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Possessed: My Grandmother, the Witch



I knelt down and looked into the hollow space behind what used to be the board. She told me to look at what was inside. Every hair on my body stood up. I pulled out two things: a Satanic Bible and a pentagram amulet. The metal amulet looked so old it was rusting. They looked slightly dusty, but it was obvious she already took them out and wiped them off a little.

I couldn't stand to touch them. I dropped them on the floor and walked out the house as fast as I could. After about ten minutes passed and I calmed myself down, I went back inside and discussed it with her. I asked her what happened that she decided to tear up that board. She said that she knew what that star meant now and, having a bad feeling, knocked on it and felt it was hollow. She just felt that there was something behind it. That's when she found the Satanic Bible and amulet.

We both agreed that all the witchcraft things she bought had to go. Who knew why those Satanic items were hidden behind that board to begin with. I was terrified by the thought of occult practices being in the house in the past and whatever was done there.


A few days passed. My grandmother got rid of all the witchcraft stuff she had bought, and also the disturbing things behind the board. Nothing strange had happened, so I figured all the noises I had been hearing - faint voices, a baby crying, and footsteps in rooms where no one was - were gone.

I was very wrong.

It was really cold one night. My grandmother and I were in the kitchen rubbing our arms because it was so cold. She was about to take a shower in the downstairs bathroom and then go to bed. I would do the same after she did. I was exhausted and I cradled my head in my arms on the table to relax while she was in the shower.

About ten minutes later, she came upstairs in a towel and her hair in suds, holding her neck. Something tightened her throat, she said, and she was having a hard time breathing. I got up and looked at her neck. Sure enough, there were red marks forming around her throat in the form of fingerprints! I freaked out and we went over the situation, but she was too stubborn to leave. She couldn't just up and leave her house, she told me.

But for me, that was the last straw. I found myself constantly warding off evil spirits with prayers and searching frantically for some answers and solutions. Things were getting worse. She was starting to wake up with bruises all over her arms and legs that she couldn't explain. Her demeanor was so hateful now that I avoided her at all costs. I left the house whenever I could. And every time I set foot back inside, the same heavy, dreadful feeling washed over me.

The door bell started going off all the time, but there were no good feeling with it anymore. There were no warm feelings, no scent of roses and no comfort. There were, however, frequent gusts of coldness, strange noises, and then I began getting large bruises all over my legs and thighs during the night. I had no trouble sleeping at all, but one morning in the shower I noticed multiple bruises all over myself.


Then, two weeks ago we got into that fight. Words I never thought I'd hear her say rolled off her tongue. But I could not help someone who didn't want to be helped. And that night was the last I have spoken to her.

I am presently at my parents, and I am hoping my grandmother seeks professional assistance in blessing that house. The experience of everything that has happened has shaken my beliefs. It has also given me respect for the paranormal and a deeper striving to live a holy life. I can only hope that readers will take this as a warning not to open up doors to things they will regret. Never so much as give evil a sign that it is welcome.

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