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Strange Burst of Light

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By Elise Aganarral

Your True Tales for June 2012

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Strange Burst of Light

My Review 

Thank you for sharing your story. Similar occurrences have happened to me and I have no explanation for them and still wonder what may have triggered them. Sometimes I think they are conscious entities or phenomena because each time it's happened to me I somehow sense that the light or orb or whatever you'd like to call it, becomes suddenly "aware" that I'm conscious, no longer asleep, and each time it seems as if it almost "jumps" in surprise and then goes away. The first time it moved up the wall slowly, away from my seeking hand. I wanted to touch it, to see what it felt like, to grab it, if I could, but it was always just out of my reach. The second time, as soon as it "realized" that I was awake and was staring at it, it seemed to sort of "jump," as if startled that I had noticed it and zoomed out my bedroom window. The vertical blinds even swayed and rattled against each other as it disappeared through them. I looked out the window into the night, but everything was still and quiet. There wasn't even a trace of it left. The third time it happened I woke thinking someone was shining a flashlight right on my face. It felt almost uncomfortably hot against my right cheek. I opened my eyes cautiously, thinking the bright light was going to hurt my eyes if I opened them too fast, and was surprised at the darkness of the room. All was dark except for the orange orb that floated there in the air, so close I could reach out and touch it. It "realized" I was awake and aware of it. I don't know how I know this, I just sensed it, and like the other one, it "jumped" and then zoomed out my bedroom window. This one left a little trail of orange behind it though. Again the vertical blinds rattled as it passed through. These instances were spaced far apart. The first happened early in 1999. The second instance was the fall of 2006. The last instance was in the fall of 2011, I believe. The last two orbs were orange and the first one was white. I have no idea what it means or what they are or if they're even paranormal, but it is strange.

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Sorry, I have no advice to give you. Just hope it wasn't too upsetting.

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