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Share Your Story: Visions and Premonitions of the September 11 Attacks

By Knuckles18

Who had this premonition and when did it take place?

When I was 11 years old, 2 days before the twin towers went down I had a dream that I could only connect when I got back from school two days later to the tragedy of 9/11 the only other person that knew of this was my mother on the morning I had dreamt it!

What was seen in the premonition?

This dream did not last long whatsoever but I remember it being very vivid. I saw two tall rocks (bit like you would see on the flintstones) not quite identical but very similar and I was just staring at these two rocks for say a minute or two then all of a sudden these two pterodactyls flew straight into the rocks then the rocks just crumbled to the ground. I remember the feeling of just utter shock and was completely gob smacked!


  • I learned to tell more people when I ever had peculiar dreams as it may benefit people in the future as a warning as I have had more premonitions that have come true. Kinda freaks me out if I'm honest.

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