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Shadow person in trailer court

Share Your Story: Tell us about your shadow people encounters

By Bubba200

What I Did:

Was it a shadow or a ghost?

How I Did It:

I am the manager of a 100 unit trailer court in Orlando Florida that is in a so, so condition.

Now that the economy has hit bottom, A lot of thefts have been going on and some home invasions have happened in the middle of the night in this court.

Across from the office which is attached to the managers home we have what I call a pump house. This is a very small brick building that years ago in better times was used as a well with a electric pump to supply water to the trailer court untill city water came into the area.

Now I only use the small building to keep my tools in that I use around the court. We have had a few attempted theft of tools so last year I installed 4 video cameras with the moniters in my office, which is also my bedroom so I can keep tabs on what is going on around the house and pump house.

One early morning about 3AM I could not sleep so I sat at my desk and as I was watching my outside cameras I noticed a person sitting on my golf cart which I have locked up across from the front of the pump house. I could make out his half bald head and this guys body was very, very thin. Gedtting up and dressed and putting my shoes on I walked into my living room with my ball bat in hand thinking that their could be trouble. I opened up the front door and looked out and no body was around and no one was sitting on my golf cart. Going back to bed I looked once more at the moniter and again I could see this guy sitting on my golf cart. Thinking to myself this must be a optical error, light playing tricks on my video cameras, I had one more smoke before hitting the bed. To the left of the pump house I then noticed two young guys sneeking around to the side of the pump house. I turned up the volume of the security system to see if I could hear anything. I watched these two guys and one had what looked like a pry bar in his hand. I called 911 and told the police what was going on and what I had been watching and they told me to sit tight that they would send out a police car. I kept watching these two guys sneeking around until they came to the front of the pump house and then I herd one of the guys speaking in a spanish style voice saying Sorry I didnt see you sitting there and then he took a swing at the person on my golf cart. The bar went right threw this guy. Then I herd one of these guys screaming and yelling run,run its a ghost . They ran right into the grips of the police answering my call.

Lessons Learned

  • Was it a person or was it a shadow person or ghost? Thinking back the person sitting on my golf cart looked like my grandfather at a younger age. My grandfather was half bald at age 20. Since he was a carpenter he knew how emportant tools were and he was just trying to protect his grandsons tools from being stolen.
  • I would of gladly given those tools to those two guys if I had been able to talk to my grandfather one more time and give him one last hug.
  • Bubbabear

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