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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding little people

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From the article: The Elusive Little People
What do you think of reported experiences with elves, fairies and other little people? Are they just imagined... or is there a real phenomenon involved? Perhaps you've had your own experience with one of these beings. Tell us.

fairies in the garden

I recently read the description from Google search the bibles 9 choirs of angels. There is a reference to the little angels, fsiries. This thread talks of gnomes and Lil people. I think if u believe in love and light u bring good angrls, Lil people and fairies. Light always outshines darkness in every way. With that being said I was told I have hundreds of fairies in my large garden. I believe it. I'm moving and sad to leave that magic in my garden......lol. should I invite them to come with?
—Guest fairy quest

little people

I was about 3 years old when I saw a little car with 2 little men driving very fast down a gutter next to our house, and through a hole in the wall into the street. My memory is a bit hazy about the exact colors but they were very coloful, like red car, yellow shirts, funny hats. Very excitedly I called on my brother and the other kids in the yard telling them what I saw, but nobody believed me. To prove it we went to check other side the wall in the road, there was nothing. But I know what I saw!
—Guest loopy

Faerie Noises

Recently I moved my wiccan altar into a built-in wardrobe in my bedroom so I could have a small room to retreat to. I lie awake at night listening to tapping and noises from the altar room. One I opened the door and there was nothing there but my hanging butterflies I keep in there was gently swaying. I hope to befriend the faeries soon.
—Guest Ivey

panhandle gnomes

This story was told to me by my grandmother 20 yes ago which took place about 50 yrs ago outside a town called uralla Australia known as panhandle a bushy scrub land with gullies of clay. On a hot evening the door was left open with my uncle still in a cot placed in the lounge room/dining area. Cot legs resting in pots of oil to stop insects or ants climbing into it. my grandmother busied herself washing dishes and as she turned she seen what she described as a really ugly little troll only thigh high he was on tippy toes peering into the cot at my uncle. My grandmother screamed in fright and it ran out the door fast, she ran to the cot to see her baby with his eyes rolling back into its head and trying to swallow his tongue. While scooping him up and slamming the door she grabbed a spoon and held his tongue till he came good.
—Guest metagenie

the 'Little People'

when I was 5 maybe 6 years old I was awoken to the sound of little people playing on my bed. I could feel them as real as I can the keys I'm tapping now. I could hear them talking incoherently amongst themselves. At the time I remember thinking it strange my lego figures would want to do this! To this day I regret not observing them. Instead I turned to my left, towards the door, in order to shout to my mother that I was scared. Facing me was a white oval shaped mist/fog about 4 feet high 3 feet wide. When I shouted my mother the 'little people' disappeared but the mist remained, even as she entered the room to check on my welfare. When she left my room it had gone too.I went on to be a chronic sleep paralysis sufferer and know the difference between altered states and being lucid. I was definitely fully awake when this happened. I've experienced lots because of SP but to this day am still stumped by this oval shaped mist Can anybody suggest anything?
—Guest karl


I hear foosteps most times. The elves seem to live in our spare bedroom. As soon as we are in bed they go around our bed over and over. Around 5 am they are at it again. I have seen one fleetingly and it retreated and disappeared. My partner does not hear or notice them. I cannot get tid of them. I cannot sleep now without sleeping pills.
—Guest Vi

Little people

When I was about 6 I was at my grandmas house in my bed with my mom, and I saw these little people working, and my eyes were wide open. They were "hammering" on my mom and climbing on her. They looked a little ghost like and I thought they were apart of my imagination so I Laid and stared at them and did not move. I am 100% positive I was wide awake. I remember crying wanting them to leave my mom alone and they eventually disappeared into thin air.. I am currently 15 years old and vividly remember this.
—Guest Claire

Little people

I didn't see any little people but my grandmother told me a story of when she did. It was more than 10 years ago, she looked out the kitchen window early morning, and saw 2 tiny hooded shadow/little people maybe a foot tall. They were facing each other and talking, and she said they looked like they were very busy with something. Then she blinked and they were gone. Also: when I was younger there were always little round holes in the dirt in the woods and my grandmother always said they were little faery footprints. I asked her a few time if they were real or not, and she said she doesn't remember. I beleive in them though!
—Guest Lauren

shadow people little hooded thingies

I seen two tall SP at the end of my bed,I also seen little hooded things out the corner of my eyes.
—Guest chaosh8h

Little people

Ok from what I know they ARNT dangerous just mischievous they are like braty little kids that are at their parents friends house they will do these things just to annoy u and scare u but they don't pose any real threat
—Guest Losiae

boobie monster

one night i woke up and there was there this big ghost looking thing... but it was in the shape of a giant boobie and it came and started slapping me in the face then i woke up and there was this monster with a giant scary hand peed myself and jumped out the window. The End
—Guest nigga b and nigga g

Don't know what's in my house?

I believe I'm sensitive to paranormal things and try not to be afraid or spooky since I have a 3 year old son. We have just moved into a new house about 6 mo ago. The house itself is a year old and in a wooded area of Maine. Since living here both of us have seen a small shadow person? A couple time a day out of the corner of my eye I will see something dash by. My dog saw what I did and chased it to my closet, but when I looked their was nothing there. My son peeks around the corner n will either refuse to enter my room or run by the closet saying theirs a scary laughing boy in there.(scary right!) he said he has black eyes which weirds me ou even more.We've heard giggles coming from the closet, that aren't the tv. Things go missing or are found in places that they don't belong. I don't feel threatened or anything just don't want my baby to b scared does anyone kno what might b in our house?

Carbon Monoxide

For those of you who are seeing strange things while driving a car, I would suggest you have you muffler or exhaust pipe checked. There is a distinct possibility that you may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. That would cause you to see odd things. Crank down the window and get your exhaust system checked.
—Guest Another guest

Pesky troll or gnome

One night there was a little old man at the foot of my bed. He was so ugly that he was cute. Long gray hair, purple stocking cap, mischevious smile. I said, " Get out of here!" He was gone. Funny, seeing him didn't scare me. It just annoyed me but now I am intrigued by the experience. Don't get me wrong. I do not want him to come back!
—Guest Lena

Little people in Illinois

During a visit to my grandmother's small-town home when I was four, I saw, pre-dawn, a ring of lights about a foot off the ground, circling and bobbing round. I stood watching them from inside the latched screen door, and Grandma looked over her shoulder from where she stood at the stove, making breakfast, and warned me "Don't go out there. There are devils dancing on the lawn." Almost fifty years later, I can remember that morning as clear as a bell. My grandparents were practical Irish farm folks, but I believe to this day that the small dark shapes I saw carrying tiny torches in some sort of celebratory dance, before six a.m. in Marion County Illinois were as real as any of us.
—Guest Elaine

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