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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding little people

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From the article: The Elusive Little People
What do you think of reported experiences with elves, fairies and other little people? Are they just imagined... or is there a real phenomenon involved? Perhaps you've had your own experience with one of these beings. Tell us. Share your thoughts


I hear foosteps most times. The elves seem to live in our spare bedroom. As soon as we are in bed they go around our bed over and over. Around 5 am they are at it again. I have seen one fleetingly and it retreated and disappeared. My partner does not hear or notice them. I cannot get tid of them. I cannot sleep now without sleeping pills.
—Guest Vi

Little people

When I was about 6 I was at my grandmas house in my bed with my mom, and I saw these little people working, and my eyes were wide open. They were "hammering" on my mom and climbing on her. They looked a little ghost like and I thought they were apart of my imagination so I Laid and stared at them and did not move. I am 100% positive I was wide awake. I remember crying wanting them to leave my mom alone and they eventually disappeared into thin air.. I am currently 15 years old and vividly remember this.
—Guest Claire


I do believe therw are many things unknown that lives out there in our world..The God I believe in I feel created lots of awesome creatures..however some of these experiences seem/sound demonic to me...I find it especially interesting how many relate their experience with paranormal activities going on in their house at the same time..
—Guest trinity

4 inch tall person in our new house

It was 2002 and my family just moved into our newly built home that week. We had a small dim nightlight in our kitchen. I awoke around 3am, walking half asleep to the kitchen when I noticed something slowly running across the floor, towards the heat exchange on the floor,. I stopped and focused on what it was, it had a knapsack over its back on its left side, it had a hat on, and it stopped,. looked at me , then waved its right arm towards me and I couldn't open my eyes for a few seconds, and when I was able to, it was gone. I know what I saw !!! I turned the overhead light on, sat down and was dumbfounded by what just happened. We had a cave entrance in the back yard, and could only imagine that's where it came from. The fact that it waved its arm and I couldn't open my eyes, was the weirdest thing to experience. The feeling was like being right on the edge of falling asleep. but I could not open my eyes. True story !!
—Guest CMiller

Elven Shadow

When I was 12, my friend Angie and I were running around her room and singing and dancing. It was abt 10pm and we were getting tired. It was hot so we opened the window and stuck our heads out to get a breath of fresh air. We then saw a 3 ft high shadow of an elf looking up at our window. It had a tall hat on and pointy ears in the shadow. It was looking up at us but when we both gasped it seemed to do a double take and then ran away. Angie and I both looked at each other and said... 'Do you see that?' And both screamed and slammed the window. Once we calmed down we went outside to investigate but didn't find a single thing. We both remember it to this say and we are now in our 40's. Since that time neither of us has experienced this sort of presence again. Mysterious!
—Guest Nataleigh

Fairy dance

My grandmother always told me stories about fairy. She said that you could see them in the pre-dawn hours and at dusk and that they danced at night. I always use to laugh at her stories. I was sleeping over one night and she has this big woods behind her house. "its mid summers night a special night for the fair folk." It was late and I was about to go to bed when I heard faint music and saw this king of shimmering light coming from the woods so I went to investigate. When I looked I saw these tiny little creatures with these pale glows and tints to their skin. They laughed and danced around in circles. they looked like regular people just smaller with these mischievous I stayed and watched as they smiled and laughed. I went back inside to write what I'd seen. My grandmother smiled when I told her her and still to this day I can remember how happy they were-Isabelle Snow
—Guest Guest a true beliver

little people in garden

my partner said she saw little people behind the shed in the garden.she said she tried to catch them but they escaped.i'm glad they did because she said when she does catch them she is going to tape them down to to table and study them.i hope she never finds them.
—Guest jason

little elf person?

For the past few night I have been awoken by some sort of creature. It almost looks like a type of imp. Its about 2ft tall with wispy Woodside horns and pointy ears and menacing Yellow eyes. It appears around the same time 6am-12 noon. And it sends a chill down ny spine. And it generally terrifies me, what freaks me out even more is when I told my brothers this story he said that he has experienced the same thin as a kid. And my boyfriend said it looked very familiar to him, as though he has seen something very similar. I have not slept because of this thing. And this morning it started to make noises. Like a soft moan. I don't know what to do anymore. I am scared to go to sleep, because every time I wake up its there.
—Guest xenicdoll

killing me

When i was four years old one tried to beat me to death with a wooden sludge hammer i do not like tthem they scare the shiz out me!!!!!
—Guest scared of little people

the elf and the stairs

When i was about four years old i used to sleep in my patents room in banning ca. and one morning i woke up and saw this 5 inch tall elf like creature and i jumped out of the bed really fast ran for the stairs and noticed it chasing me as i struggled to open the door to the stairs it came closer and it had a wooden sludge hammer in its hand and it was also wearing a pointy hat when i got out of there i decided not to tell any one i kept i
—Guest carla

palero(tata nkisi)

there is a lagoon in camaguey,Cuba,The spanish try to build a canal to the sea in order to send boats loaded wit6h sugar to ships,they failed,latter Fidel Castro try the same,but it was a disaster.My godfather ion Palo mayombe a cubancongo spiritual religion well respected in Cuba,was living clos to the lagoon,that was full of tilapias,his father told him,not t6o fish there,because the fishs belong to Chichiriku,small negreos,about 3ft tall,that are very nasty,my godfather went fishing and it become latede,since he was taking a lot of fish,finally he mounted his horse,with a larger sack of tilapias an started going home,it was dar4k,the tipe of darkness,in the forest of tropical countries,when he fell ,something jumping at the back of his horses and a pair of arms,holding his waist,he hear a tiny voice saying "why do you steal my tilapias"the sack fell of his hand,he spur the horse into a full galop,when he finally reach his home,his father was outside,he look at him and laught
—Guest rolando peralta


When I was 22 yrs old me and my daughter slept at my dads there was a window and the room was on the main floor when i was falling asleep i could see out the window. All of a suden these little people started working it looked like to me they were coming out of the walls and i was actwally talking to them they said they worked at night and asked if i would leave them out some water. I freaked out ran to my dad and his girlfriends room and told them there are little people outside i can see them come look they came into the room sat there for a bit and said there was nothing there and to go to sleep. So I went back to sleep they left and then they came out agian I know what I saw I cannot explain this am I crazy they looked like humans about 4 inches tall skiny dressed like us but hats i remember the men wore the pointy hats!
—Guest misterywoman

Little People Sex

I really thought this was a legit site until I read the total crap that you published from Ron Paul character. You should delete that. It makes your site look really un-legit. I was enjoying the stories until that character popped up.
—Guest Tobo

Daughter saw little gnome-like being

When my daughter was 4 she was afraid to sleep alone in her own bedroom so she would bring her blanket and fall asleep on the floor next to my bed. One night before she had fallen asleep she saw a small gnome like male with brown pants and black belt and a hat who walked around from the foot of my bed and stopped in his tracks when he saw my daughter there on the floor staring at him. Upon eye contact he quickly ran back the way he came. My daughter laid there frozen in disbelief and fear. Then a minute later the little man came back again as if to have another look... It was at that point my daughter jumped up and ran into her own bedroom leaped into her bed and under the covers.. From that day she had never come into my bedroom again to sleep. She stands by her story 20 years later.

little people under my bed

when I was a little girl growing up in Holland I used to see and talk to little people under my bed . They used to sing, dance, laugh and play and want me to join in. I told them I was too big to get under my bed and I was not allowed out of bed anyway, I was aged between 5 and 10. We migrated to Australia then and I never saw them again. I am now 64 and I have never forgotten them and the fun I used to have watching them.

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Ideas and experiences regarding little people

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