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Readers Respond: Is the Ouija board a harmless toy or dangerous portal?

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From the article: Tales of the Ouija
Few paranormal tools or objects are as controversial as the Ouija board. Some see it as a harmless toy that is subject only to the emotions of the users, while others view it as a very dangerous portal to other dimensions, some of which are evil. What are your thoughts about or experiences concerning the Ouija? Share your opinion

safe board

I used the board for ten years and ended up doing rescue work with higher spirits and I am writing a book about these lostsouls
—Guest janet evans


Well , Ive played It About 4times Already. I can say Its Safe Because nothing Bad Happened to Me AFTER i Played it. But you see , Me , and 2 Of My Friends Went to The Mall To Go Buy It Then After We Needed To get Home At A Sertant Time , So We Ran To the Bus That Landed Infront. So we got in It , We had the board , And we took a quick look at the bus and something about it was odd (we dont usually take buses) we asked a old guy if the bus would lead us back to kimball and he said yes it would so we stood there. Next thing you know the bus took us to the RED LINE! We were lost and We had To get out the bus because the bus got out of service . We were stuck in a place we didnt know nd what was worst we went behind our parents back lol ... So yeah then we ended up finding a Jewel osco nd I Called My Mom To Pick Us Up. That Day was A Hell Of a day! We thought it was the board giving us bad luck but idk It probably was a coincidence .
—Guest FleeeG

faith in humanity

lost. How can anyone in 2014 think this is real. How gullible can you be.
—Guest fools

It is not evil, it is just the mind

People really think it is evil because they can talk to people telling the story and believe it is a ghost or evil. But the question is if it is a Ghost why can't it tell the future? I have used with with my friends and we asked it to tell us the team that is going to win the match today and it couldn't answer it. If the board can really tell the future then we can be millionaires by predicting games and taking lottery.
—Guest Mac

I contacted an old ghost.

Today was my first day playing the ouija board. I've been scared to before because my mum told me not to disturb them but I was curious and my friend had played before. So we sat in my living room and talked to a ghost. He's name is Jose Franco, he's 200 years old. He's from Granada Spain and came as a pirate to the new world or Florida. He use to be a prisoner for being a Protestant in catholic Spain. He use to be scholar and knows three languages; English, Spanish, and Italian. When he came to Florida, he was betrayed and killed for being Protestant. His wife was also killed and he said that she was pretty. I also asked him if he's been to St.augustine since it's the oldest city in the US and he's said that he has. I tried to stay respectful and keep my friend from asking him dumb questions, like are you a demon or are you going to posses me. He said that he watches me sleep and has been in my dreams. Jose seems like a cool ghost, I want to continue to talk to him.
—Guest Mariah M

its real and creepy

people find it in their apartment cause the previous owners cursed the house with it it could be possible. they are not harmless toys they are interdenominational portals to evil worlds if you "play" with this thing be careful take it to a place you don't mind haunting. but just remember that spot you use the Ouija board in, will be a portal letting evil and good mix. be careful i beg of you! don't let them mess with you ok??
—Guest endy


We were kids, really young, thought it was a fun toy. Spirits are real, they play games with humanity. This is not a fun you. Beware!
—Guest trust noone


i just bought one and my boyfriend and i was going to try it, but now im kinda freaked out, but something is telling me to do it anyways. i dont know..
—Guest toriiiii


this dose not do any thing it all happens in your head if you are doing one dont use one that dated back in the 1900,s.
—Guest hayhay78945

Dangerous portal

I dont think its wise,Its bad cause its witchcraft.
—Guest M


I too used to play with the Ouija with my friends. We would always get evil spirits that would tell us evil thins. We still played with it because we were bored. The board would tell us things that noone knew, but it also told us evil lies. One night my sister and I were lying down in a bed at our friends house who we always stayed with when we played with the Ouija. We kept seeing shadows flying over us and heard voices whispering in our eats. A few nights later I heard growling in my room. Something evil followed me home. It's entertaining at first, but it definitely opens up a portal for evil. Don't play with Ouija boards! They open up portals for evil, even if you think you're "closing" them properly. Don't EVER burn one! Please listen to me. I know what I'm talking about.
—Guest Liz

Why Question What You Can't Control

I believe all can acknowledge that there are spirits on earth: good (Holy Spirit) and evil (Demonic). The origination of the ouija board is from darkness, why bring that to yourself, your children, your parents, your friends, etc.
—Guest Hmmm

Is The ouija board harmless??

I myself have played it w/ friends, like on Halloween at midnight, or on Friday The 13th, and the oracle did in fact move by it's self on certain questions. We always played w/ 3 people. I myself have also played w/ them by myself, and there is nothing to it. And yes our house is Haunted, we have had Paranormal Investigators here befoe and they say there are at least 4 spirits here. We have had stuff go missing before, and I at one time early in the morning had something come into my room and the room ture very cold, and i was fully awake and i felt something climb onto my bed and make it's way slowly on top of me, I could feel the weight of what ever it was, and I said to It---- "In The Name of Jesus Christ Leave This Room Now!" and what ever it was; was gone in seconds. I like anything to do w/ the paranormal. My sister who is deceased, comes by our home every once in a while, we can smell her perfume and it is always a" Rose Smelling Perfume"This is what she always wore too.
—Guest The Keeper of The Reaper

Better Ways to Connect to Spirit Realms

It's best to connect to the spiritual realms from within, developing your higher subtle perception through spiritual practices, then you wouldn have no need to use the board, & until you have cultivated some higher level of awareness, knowledge & protection, you shouldn't even think about touching it. The process is out of your control with the board & if you have any subconscious imbalances in your energy or weaknesses in your astral body, you really are taking a risk, not to mention whoever you're doing it with may have a 'lower vibration' thereby possibly attracting something not in your best interests. It's best to use tools you have more control over & having respect for yourself as well as the spiritual realms. Do meditation, use oracle cards, use proper channels. Use common sense as taking shortcuts usually results in less than desirable results. Be safe & consult your inner higher presence for your answers. Use discernment & listen to your intuition above all!!
—Guest Seek Answers Within

still looking

Ive used it many times and always looked for a scientific explanation. Once i was told by an entity,"we live inside each of you." basically it explained further that when we die our energy moves into the nearest human brain and exists behind the subconcious. I can only assume that the human brain has evolved to send its experiences to the living right before death to pass on information to preserve the species in evolutionary terms. I dont belive complete memories or experiences get passed down in DNA, so maybe the brain has figured out how to do this over millions of years. Anyone else have an opion like mine? Matbzc@gmail.com 2/19/12
—Guest matthew

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Is the Ouija board a harmless toy or dangerous portal?

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