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Readers Respond: Is the Ouija board a harmless toy or dangerous portal?

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From the article: Tales of the Ouija
Few paranormal tools or objects are as controversial as the Ouija board. Some see it as a harmless toy that is subject only to the emotions of the users, while others view it as a very dangerous portal to other dimensions, some of which are evil. What are your thoughts about or experiences concerning the Ouija? Share your opinion

Scary enough

Me and my friends did it and were 13 and I looked up everything about oujia boards so we knew what we were doing. We didn't really get anything scary until we were talking to this really nice girl called qlinz and she said she was behind my friend and stuff the we let her go. We had a evil one that said he was going to posses my friend then he FINALY said jokes we had another one that answerd our questions correctly then we asked where it died ( I told my friends not to say that since it makes it unhappy) then We said use 1 as a space so it said to (1) rfrkilly then that was enough so we said bye. Around 10 or 10:30 we were mucking around taking snapchat videos and some massive orb it was so dam big came I've never seen one dis big
—Guest Jess Jess


ojo bord v hav to play careful wid r loving knows passed n our grandparents is safe. first test any queries if its rite then continue otherway's quit the person u called u try other person. this ma simple way best thing sit wid experienced pesons r game known persons.
—Guest vanny


I honestly think, if you're being serious, you saw a demon because demons have the shape of people and they used to be angels (Genesis) so it's possible that the demon could have wings and that might be what you saw
—Guest square

Ouija is not a toy

I was introduced to Quija in my teens by one of my best friends. That's almost 20 yrs ago! But its something i would NEVER forget. I remember how difficult it was for me to touch the piece. I'd feel really nauseous, and ran to the bathroom several times. Then the nausea would go away. I remember my friends being annoyed that I was delaying our "session." But I eventually forced myself through the nausea and was able to participate. It was fun at first. The Quija made a lot of predictions we didn't believe at the time. They just seemed highly unlikely to happen. And yet they did, like clockwork. The last time we used it, my friend and I had our fingers resting on the piece while waiting for our other friend to join us. We were both looking away and then the piece moved. I won't say where because its just going to sound ridiculous to any skeptic. A part of me is still curious, but I don't think I would ever use it again.
—Guest Christine

Ouija Board

I've used both ouija and psychic circle boards, with exception of one time all other experiences have only been highly positive and enlightening. When you communicate with the other side "Your Guide" be respectful of questions you ask, if you are disrespectful and rude in your questioning or comments be prepared for any consequences as I have witnessed this first hand.

Real-Lfe Nightmare

Do not get this so called board game, my friend and his brother bought one. Just some short time after they played his brother got possessed. Or get the same one that was used in the movie A Haunted House with Shawn Wayans.
—Guest Keir

my gma contacted me

So my friend and I were doing the ouija board that we made. We had talked to a few other spirits and I was starting to have my doubts. Then I called fwd my gma. She started saying things that I didnt remember until they were said. For example a Yahtzee game that I lost a few months ago that I wasnt even fully engaged in enough to remember it several months later. She told me she loved me and not to cry. She proved it was her and that she was still watching over me. No matter what anyone says I know it was real. She said things that my friend would never have guessed in a million years and things I wasnt expecting, thinking, or even remembered. This was a touching experience and no matter what some conspirators say... I know it was gma and I a m a changed person. I love you Grandma!
—Guest greenscars

Opening the door

I am 34yr old very spiritual female. I was a full pledged witch at 10yrz old. Lets just say i knew the Devil very well, before i knew God. I gave my soul to satan at my young age,as i was an outcast at school,since we were very poor and i was, at least now i no, that those mean kids who grew up alot more privilaged than I,made me feel like i was so ugly,and owning 1pair of jeans didnt help.They made me the outcast.All children are good till a certain age.So being in aliance w such a powerful being,and dont forget that dark prince was Gods most beautiful angels,''something i longed to be'', so charming,persuasive,a leader,not a follower,that 1 3rd of the angels listening to his Lies,w his own personal agenda,they followed him right down threw the heavens,past man,and into the core of earth,the pits of hell. Lucifer and his angels rebelled because of 'US',Gods most cherished creations that when all in Heaven rejoiced and kneeled down to honor God and his beloved humans,Lucifer would not.Now remember he was second to God,so like a spoiled child who has never been in need of nothing,its this 'attitude' of self love,pride,gossipers slanderers or blasphamy'there are two forms,against the Holy Spirit', against another w the intent to cause harm to the persons character,by the use of ''Lies''.Lucifer used this form against God,herein, u contionualy see LIES & Satan go hand in hand. He used his attributes to ,now this is my opinion,that alot of the now fallen angels were lyed to for his personal vendeta he now has against humans and God. The oouija is just another tool to make anyone expecially those already w a broken spirit like me,to entertain them w notions that ur talking w loved ones that have past on.Or little kids who died tradgicly,only to use this trickery to get us to keep talking,making the portal or doorway to get wider.U ever wonder why at 1st the board tends to not even move and when it finaly does its very slow?Thats cuz the longer we communicate the stronger the entity becomes,the faster the eye moves the more energy it takes from us the more apt we become for possesion.The only reason theyd talk to some boring unsuspecting youth. to take the one thing they have never possesed, and thats life. When it starts saying the vielest things that make even the sickest evilest,twisted minds'serial killers look like boy scouts.When u start to smell the vialest stench and hear scratches and like someone is always watching you,u opened a door and you've become marked for take over. Next isolation,sadness,depression,then self hate, being u and others. Now when u see scratches on ur body and it usaly is 3' his way of mocking the holy trinity',the witching hour 3am. When u start to wake at 3am ,then u call a priest cuz the demon or demons have entered.I personaly had 3 cast out. The one way that they get cast out is invoking the name of Jesus Chsist and identifing the parasites name. this makes them accountable and they cant hide inside festering anymore. After all, one of the Devils best tricks is to make us think he dosent exsist...

These responses are seriously medicated

Hey kids, stop looking at the world, god, or spirits like they actually care that you exist. They don't. At least nobody you'd like in your home. So here's my advice. Ouija all you want, but realize 99% of the time (seriously, you won't be the special chosen 1%) you get nonsense. Call it cosmic trash, your own messed up subconscious, or rogue trash entities, it all adds up to the same thing. You'll get no answers
—Guest Bango Skank

Mother warns me not to mess with them...

So, my mum and her brother used a Ouija when they were kids and it flew out of the window. Since then, mum's been against the use of them completely but I'm still curious. I'm curious as to whether something bad would actually happen if I used one or would I be one of those who find nothing wrong with it? It intrigues me.
—Guest Nyx


yes it can be bad if you do not know what you are doing, I have been doing them for years, and I enjoy it and nothing bad has happen to me I get intouch with my pop and nan
—Guest willow


Ouija boards - What readers think about Ouija boards
—Guest ?????? ??????


I have heard a lot of bad stories about the Ouija board and personally, the thought of using one scares me. I would rather be caught drinking than with a Ouija board. My mother had a bad experience with one and so did my father. So, if you do use one, God help you.
—Guest Clararycbar

named from quija bored

Hey, just about three our four years ago my mom told me that my handbrake and her sisters use to play with a quija bored when they were younger. And my grandmother asked for the name of her first granddaughter, it was Tori, and a few years later my mom was pregnant with me and my grandmother harassed her to name me Tori when she found out I was a girl. Is this normal I'm 25 and just have so many questions, why this name? Why follow threw after quija bored?
—Guest tt

i believe i have a demon/evil spirit

my friends did a ouija board i was too scared to but i was there to witness it. something went wrong in my head i had to leave the house in a panic and i can only describe it as i was piggy backing something that weren't human on my back it had it's cheek touching mine i could almost feel the breathing i jumped on a push bike peddled as fast as i could home dove into a cold bath trying to shake the feel of piggy backing something off me and couldn't, things have never been the same since. severe depression, anxiety, suicidle at times i learnt they can attach to certain individuals specially the weak minded and i can be very weak minded i was petrified and they feed off my fear. i wake to dark shadows stood over me in bed regular, get banging on my door and nobody there, i have seriously disturbing nightmares, my light turns itself on, draws always open when i know i shut them, and the activity got more intense following my brothers death which could mean poltergeist ino something haunt
—Guest moz01

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