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Readers Respond: Tell us about a remarkable coincidence that happened to you

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From the article: Amazing Coincidences
Coincidences are startling when they happen to us because they are so unexpected and give us the feeling of something that is "meant to be." Have you (or someone you know) had an experience with a remarkable coincidence or instance of synchronicity? Tell us about it.

Science teacher/grandparents coincidence

So, my science teacher and my mom have always been close friends. My grandparents like to travel, and they were on a trip to North Carolina. My teacher had just had a baby, and took her baby to visit her parents in North Carolina. We live in California. My grandparents were boarding the plane to Houston, where the would board a plane to Oakland. They happened to strike up a conversation with my teacher that lead to me being my teacher's student. My grandparents and my science teacher met on the east coast, two plane rides away from where we all live.
—Guest Alyssa

were being heard

4 months ago after of not being able to get a hold of my best friend and former las vegan roommate panic set in and I phoned the clark county coroners office my fears became reality she was dead .one day she called me and told me she had just found a great new apt and would call as soon as she got settled. well a week turned into a month then six,and when her cell went silent, that's when I made the call.so here it was 2 days after I found out I had a eye doc apt on the way there I kept saying debi just let me know your ok somehow.well I get to the docs office and there was only myself and a man in this waiting room. docs assistant comes out looks down at her paper work and calls out the mans name to come in.Thats when it happened she says mr Cassidy? I FELT ALL THE COLOR LEAVE MY FACE AND I NEARLY PASSED OUT.THAT WAS My BESTS FRIENDS LAST NAME TOO. COINCIDENCE???? it was my debi for sure MY APPT had been re-scheduled to this later date AFTER I KNEW OF HER DEATH.
—Guest silverfreak

Destruction pt 2

Okay, my previous post was out of characters, I had a lot of synchronicities that pointed to an A bomb explosion in the south of the US. In Aug of 2005, later than my omens, Katrina hit and they likened it to an A bomb explosion.
—Guest Tonya Brooks


May 24th 2005-Have you seen Final Destination? If so, then you will understand why this scared me badly. Think of Carl Jung's synchronicity idea---(I will list the events of that day alphabetically) A.That morning I had awoken thinking about a dream I had had in the mid-1980's-In that dream, Arabs had detonated an atomb bomb in the Appalachian mountains (this is where we are from and live now.) I saw the mushroom cloud and felt the scalding hot winds...in the dream, I thought I was one of many on a hijacked bus with Arab terrorists. Now, remember I had this dream in the 1980's. Well, on 5/24/2005, I started thinking that the government might detonate an atomic bomb in the Appalachian mts. for a test. [I don't know why this was on my mind...but all day long odd things happened.] B.On CNN...they were talking about the Hiroshima A-bomb. [Yes, I cringed.] C.I picked up a book to look through it. It opened to Oppenheimer-the father of the Atomic bomb! I had checked out a book from the libra
—Guest Tonya

Weird Job Search

An acquaintance and I were both looking for jobs at the same time. I applied for a job, but didn't get it. So I applied for another job, and got that one. My friend showed up during the application process for my job, and applied for the same job as me. She didn't get it, but she did get the first job I applied for. The irony was, in the end, we both wanted and were more qualified for each other's jobs. We had never communicated about our job search, it just ended up this way.

hoover part

Some coincidences can be quite mundane, hows this. My partner and myself visited a car boot sale to look for a part of our hoover, one of the pipe fittings,to be specific. We searched every stall no luck, on walking back over the car park, I happened to look down and there in the grass was precisely the part we were looking for,the only difference was it was a different colour to the old one.
—Guest jondav

Laser pen

Me and my brother were discussing my mum confiscating laser pens when we were younger. The next day my mum gave me a mini laser pen she was meant to give me 3 months earlier ... This is one of MANY 11:11
—Guest Him

Queen Bee

I've had several coincendences but one really blew me away. I goy in my car and playing on the radio was a song which mentions "Queen Bee" after an hours drive and spending a couple of hours doing some chores I decided to leave for home switching on my car and radio was the same song. Nothing unusual with that as it was a popular song at the time but a couple of days later there was an article in the local paper about a project that school children were doing involving bees, the heading had Queen Bee in it. A couple of days later in and out of my car throughout the day the number of times that ong came on was uncanny. That night I mentioned all this to my wife and she supported the synchronicity. The next day we drove to the local supermarket, I parked the car and got out waited for my wife to get out before locking and as I was using the remote key looked behind to see if was locked, parked next me was a car with the registration QUEENB. Glad I told my wife about it earlier

Suicide X2

In 1999 I called an old friend. as we were talking I asked her about a guy named Rich that I used to date. she responded to me with I'm sorry he killed him self a while back. she said it was rumored that he was high on drugs and shot himself. Later in the summer of 2002 I went to visit my old home town and while I was there I went to see Rich's family. much to my surprise when I got to the house Rich came to the door. I just froze I thought I was seeing a ghost. I broke down in tears when I told Rich what I had heard about him supposedly committing suicide. he kind of laughed and said "well I guess they were wrong I'm right here and very much alive. I thought to myself how awful it was for someone to spread such a story. I believed for years he was dead and It wasn't funny at all. we had a nice visit... Long story short in march of this year 2014 I was told to read an article posted on facebook. It read attempted murder/Suicide Rich had killed himself while high on meth.

The Message

In 1982, my family moved from Minnesota to Wyoming; it was a hard time for us, as my brother had recently died. Moving elsewhere for job prospects, etc., we didn't think we needed many of the odds and ends a household will stack up, and my mother and I spent the month before the move sorting and taking items to 2nd hand shops (this was before eBay). I had sorted a box of books out that I didn't want to move, and Mom did the same; we then took the books down and sold them. It was only after we got to Wyoming and unpacked that I found I'd mistakenly given away a box of my brother's books rather than my own. I faced up to them being gone, and a few months after moving to Casper, I found myself at a local thrift shop; the first thing to catch my eye as I entered was a book that I'd read and enjoyed, and I grabbed it as a 'back up' copy. As I paid, I almost fainted: inside the cover was my brother's name, in his printing - one of the wayward books. The title? 'Life After Death'.

Shadow People

I typed my story and found no place to send it. This is the third time I thought I was sending my stories!

Beloved pet

I went through a difficult time in my teens. When I needed comfort, my cat always would come to me. Only when I was upset, would he let me hold him. I loved him dearly. When I moved to a new town, I took my cat. He escaped one day and came home soon after. He had gotten a wound while outside and became sick. On the following day, an hour before his vet appointment, he was nowhere to be found. A Room mate must have let him outside. He didn't come home. I cried for weeks, put up posters. After a month I had a day where I came to the conclusion he was dead. I prayed to god to grant me one miracle, that my cat would come home to me. That night as I came home late from work, I felt something rub my leg in the dark. Turned the light on and there he was!! He was fat and healthy. Funny thing being, I had never asked god for anything before, but the one time I did, he granted it to me. I took him to the vet next day. Told her the story. She said she had treated him while he was missing.
—Guest Maria D.

Paris - Corday coincidence

On my first trip to Paris, I enjoyed seeing all the famous attractions, but had always been interested in the French Revolution and so visited a number of places that tourists would not usually go. I found the location of the assassination of Jean Paul Marat, who was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday in 1793. She had travelled to Paris from Caen to commit the murder as she was appalled by the excesses and bloodshed of the Revolution. The location was now a dental surgery about 10 years old and the house where it happened obviously long gone. I went back to my hotel at 19 Rue Herold near the Louvre and had a wonderful holiday. 2 years later, I chanced upon a book called "The Terror" which dealt with the revolution and had a chapter about the assassination. I was absolutely stunned to see that Charlotte Corday had stayed at 19 Rue Herold and left there on the morning to commit the murder !!! Of all the hotels in that huge City - I had stayed at the exact one she did !!
—Guest John C


When I was 18 yrs old,my parents began searching for a suitable groom for me, by distributing my horoscope to acquaintances. An unscrupulous man, came to our house, falsely claiming to be a grooms relative,got Rs.1500 from my father,to bring them to our house, and went away for good.(In India job and marriage are the two things most people get cheated for.) The man's concocted details,about his imaginary groom, which impressed my father to part with money, are; 1.He is a mechanical engineer with a masters degree. 2.His mother is a teacher,& his father is a central govt employee. 3.His mother is a devotee of a saint in Kanchi,and named him after the saint,as Chandrasekaran. 4.He is living in Madras. 5.Has one elder & one younger brother & one elder sister. 6.Working in Brakes India,Padi Madras. 7.Lived in the suburban area of the city. After two years of this,as a reply to our ad,in The Hindu my husband's family matching the above details,contacted us and our marriage took place.
—Guest Ananthi G Chandrasekaran

every day a coincidence

every day without fail, 2 or 3 times, I read a word and a second before,at or during me reading it, somebody on the TV says the same word. But, that said, these are only coincidences if I notice them, otherwise they remain NOTHING !
—Guest Paul jackson

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