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Readers Respond: Tell us about a remarkable coincidence that happened to you

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From the article: Amazing Coincidences
Coincidences are startling when they happen to us because they are so unexpected and give us the feeling of something that is "meant to be." Have you (or someone you know) had an experience with a remarkable coincidence or instance of synchronicity? Tell us about it. Share your story


I went home to visit family in May just over a year and a half ago, i had been thinking a lot about my grandpa, he died when i was almost 3, i mentioned this to my mom, she ended up giving me his old watch, i noticed the time was 5:45 on it , when i spoke with my hubby i mentioned it to him ..we both had been noticing that time stand out in recent months, 4 months later my grandma had a stroke, i rushed home to be with her she died at 5:45 with my sister and i by her side. I ended up driving home with my mom back to my province, the day after we got there we decided to go shopping, we were in a 3 car accident, i exchanged info and i noticed that the guy that hit me his licence plate was 545 and his phone number was 545. Before my grandma passed i lost a friend to a tragic accident she died at 4:45 but with the time difference it was 5:45 also. There were more odd things what came along with my grandma's passing, there just isn't enough space to mention .
—Guest 5:45

Was proud of the first bloomed Avocado's

I am a new tenant living @ this place for 7 mos. Avocado's started blooming for 2 1/2 mos.I was proud..One fell that I was proud of fell shortly after a few weeks on the tree. Eventually I focused on 2 avocado's that was growing near our back porch. Everyday I dotted on how well it was growing, and I looked forward on the day it would be matured enough to pick..Yesterday, I showed my neighbor whom I've known many years the baby avocado, and he was happy to finally see it. He and I both left separately to drive to do our errands. I was gone for 3 hrs. I also learned that my daughter also showed the baby avocado's to my neighbor's wife within that time I was gone and my daughter 26, came home with my neighbor's wife, then after the neighbor's wife went home. Her husband saw the avocado earlier, then an hour or so the wife saw the avocado's. All this time the avocado's were growing fine. I come home 3 hrs. Later and the 2 baby avocado's were laying on the grass below the porch. I di
—Guest mischelle


This story happened to my grandfather some years ago. He was a farmer, he was watering the lands one windy night. While he was waitting the lands to be watered, a page of newspaper was being blown away by the wind and stopped near by him
—Guest enric

newspaper new

This story happened to my grandfather some years ago. He was a farmer, he was watering the lands one windy night. While he was waitting the lands to be watered, a page of newspaper was being blown away by the wind and stopped near by him. He took the page so that he could read something and entertain himself and here come the coincidence, he was shocked when the page was carrying a picture of his friend, from the military service, that had just killed someone with a stone... Bear in mind, that his lands were miles away from the nearest town... How the hell that page of newspaper got to him???
—Guest Enric


There are plenty indications that these sweeteners are linked to migraines and other serious health issues. A wild birds calls out and soft fingers grasp a branch in sleep.
—Guest Aleisha


ive split with my wife. here it is, my x wife is adele, her previous marrage, to andy, she has a girl and boy to him, her present fella is Robert, he has five kids, to his x. my xx wife, jill, split from her x whos name is andy, she has a girl and a boy to him, her present fella is Robert, he also has 5 kids to his x, I have a girl to jill, and a boy to adele, my present girlfriend, her x is called andy
—Guest jason

Uhh Crush

Ok so there's this I met when I was 7 and i had one of those primary kiddy crushes on him for 4 years straight and then I left where he lived and went to the other side of the country and we hasn't spoken for 3 years and I found him on Instagram but my mum told me not to talk to him and then like a week later he found me on Instagram and we started talking and I like him all over again and he likes me still he told me he always liked me and then I wanted to see if we were meant to be together with star signs thing and my starsigns best match was his star sign and I want to know if we r meant to be together
—Guest Claudia

weird lotto coincidence

A few days back I attempted to post an ad on craigslist yes my name is Craig as well. For some reason the ad would not post ad in the mean time I received a text message from craigslist giving me my secret access code. A still small voice told me to play the five digit number but my mother called me telling me that she was going to bed soon and if I wanted dinner then I had better get there soon. So I left and did not stop at the lottery stand to play the five digit code. Later on that night I checked the lottery website and lord behold to my horror the five digit number that I did not play was a winner! I was already in a bind which caused me to post the ads in the first place and I lost out on 425 dollars the money I needed. So I say to you all slow down and pay attention!
—Guest Craig Murphy


Visited this guy in another city that I have known for years since my birthday was coming up and I wanted to celebrate it with a little difference. paid for my journey, never noticed anything out of the ordinary till on my way back. looked at the ticket and the entire price of the ticket matched my birthday exactly- 173.13/ 17Mar. 2013
—Guest lil


17 years ago my husband died of congestive heart falier. On the day of his funeral my first husband was killed by a drunk driver.
—Guest deb1958

weird dream

I had this dream about finding a tiny charm size diamond ring. I dreamnt I found it and it was so cute and I dreamed of making it into an earring or a necklace. it was a short but happy Lil dream didn't think too much of it. Well much later that day many hours after waking up and going about my day a friend gave me a ride to drop something off at the post office a few miles from my house. I came out of the post office it just got dark like 5pmand walking out the door I saw this tiny shiny washer looking thing on the ground it looked like maybe part of a pin I picked it up got a better look at it and it was a tiny diamond ring exactly like I the one I saw in my dream and I mean exactly so much I became confused and weirded out like first of all I am a 40 yr old lady the dream I had was weird in that I never saw a tiny ring like that I just dreamed it up and even if I may have seen one and subconsciously didn't take any real notice to it I never thought about it ever. Any way been out o
—Guest Pandora

very coincidental

well, Ive been chatting with this guy online and now talking and texting for almost a month, we been having deep conversations so one night I prayed to God to show me signs of certain things, since I prayed, I've noticed that I'm meeting other men that has the same name as the guy I'm talking to, then I was driving on the freeway to work and I all of a sudden I look up and see the city of where he's located, mind you I wasnt thinking about him, then just today, I was reading about men who just became committed in 2013 so I was reading about a certain rapper who just got engaged this year, come to find out, I checked my email and the guy who I'm talking to with the same name as the rapper and same spelling gave me luv, I dont know what this means but it has been happening alot to me lately, can someone help me...
—Guest anna

Mail Coincidence

The mail of my elderly parents is being forwarded to my address so I can manage their finances. An envelope had found its self into the folds of the newsletter from the American Chemical Society meant for my father. The envelope was a wedding gift for a woman who shares the same nickname as I.
—Guest JustmefromME

Coincidence at the NY World's Fair

Standing in line at the NY World's Fair which was 120 miles from my home in a little town in New Jersey my family started talking with the people in front of us. They asked where we were from and said they had good friends who had just moved to Norhtern NJ. There friends had moved in two houses away. The father had been in college with my father and our families had gone on vacations together.
—Guest JustmefromME

searching Heartbeat

in university one day i saw him..he was so good looking..i liked him.than i realised the meaning of the tearm "Love at first sight".then next day i also seem him & net day its happened again.we meet again & again.we dont know any one even our name.we jast see.llafter two years last day at our university he told me "God wants this coincident".we are made for each other r u believe it???i say yes.............................................
—Guest Guest Mahi

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