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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Many people report that street lights shut of with a high degree of regularity when they pass by them. Are you one of them? Are you a SLIder? (SLI stands for street light (or lamp) interference.) Some think it is a genuine psychic effect while others contend it's just coincidence with faulty street lights. Share your thoughts and experiences. Share Your Experiences


Hello, I must say, Im so happy that Im not alone..but,theres a little difference.. the lights get brighter and so bright sometimes, that I blow them out. At home, street, pc*s, any electrical if im really "hot" that day. I have been trying to find a rational explanation and have even tried to ignore it, to no avail.Thinking perhaps it s all in my head, I wandered into a remote part of the park surrounding my neighborhood, and the lights began to shine so bright as I passed them, I was afraid they would blow... now that thats off my chest I feel better. Still no explanation, but its nice to know Im not alone!

I Had No Idea It's Abnormal

I didn't know this was a "phenomenon" 'til I saw someone post on facebook about it last night - I literally believed street lights were supposed to turn off when you walked under them! I haven't noticed this happening much lately, but I've also become a farmer (up with the sun, early to bed) and live in an area with few streetlights. I'll definitely be testing this out, though!
—Guest Joe G WV

my experiences

I just noticed recently streetlights turned off when I approach them in my car. I noticed at least three to four recently but I never paid attention until recently. Then I remember my friend could turn on this street light everytime he walked under it. That street light been out for years and he showed me 3 times and each yime he walked under it turned on. what seems so interesting to me and this may or may not have a connection but he is the opposite of my zodiac sign so he turns on lights and it seems I turn off lights
—Guest lovelyguest

I heard a logical explanation...

Has been happening to me for 34 years. Typically it is the same street light that goes out as I approach by car. But other lights also go out completely or dim drastically. Always just one light post, never a row of lights. One night years ago, I was watching the late Dr, David Viscott - he televised his radio talk show and offered counsel/advise to listeners. A caller phoned in to ask if the Dr knew why street lights were going out when they drove by them. Dr. Viscott didn't have an a answer but shortly after a man identifying himself as a DWP (dept of water and power) technician called in to respond. I'm paraphrasing here but he explained that the electrical currents generated by some vehicle engines were capable of disrupting the transponders in street lamps. The weakest link goes out or dims (similar to holiday light strings) as you (and the car) approach or drive by. humans also generate electrical currents so it could be this "phenomenon" is less paranormal, more science
—Guest Vicky

Aeroplane Electricity

They call me the 'jinx' at work. Every time i fly (I'm a flight attendant) SOMETHING goes wrong with the plane. Some pilots have said that they wish they could swap off my flights lol. After a recent weeks break, i spent all my time resting and walking in nature, and being kind to myself, my luck changed. It's starting up again, but it took a month of these stressful issues away from me so i could chill for a bit.
—Guest Rachael

light coming on...instead of going off

I'm like everyone here. This has been happening to me for at least 14 years. It started when my youngest was a teenager. It started with a parking light turning off after I got into my parked car. I thought it was coincidental. At it height I had a series of highway light go off as I approached at 70 mph. Since then I've had them come on as well as go off. One night I said "stop", and it stopped. Two night ago a dim street light that was about to burn out came on when I stared at it. This was on my way home in my platt as I drove. I had another street light in my platt that looked burned out, but I "felt" it would come on. I stared at it and said to myself "come on", and it did. I've done this several times, and have had times when nothing responded. No lights going out. I would completely forget about it. The other night with the bad bulb in the street light going out is the first time I thought to try in a long time. I also can hear voices but only rarely.
—Guest dee

With lights and others

This happens to me often. And several other problems occur related to electricity in my life. Especially cars! I've had this happen with three different cars: while driving, pump and wheel become stiff, and car comes to a stop. It stalls several times before starting afterward. Nobody has been able to find a problem with these cars, and it happens intermittently. I borrowed my parent's car and this happened twice. When I returned it, they never had the problem again. I have also affected music volume, computers, chargers, and any phone in existence. My phone will randomly become a brick and then magically work again later, same as the cars. All I can say is I really hope the being psychic/healer part of being a SLIder is true!
—Guest Tess

the same thing happens to me

Street lights always go out whenever i walk under them or drive under them, it use to happen all the time with when i would walk with my cousin... she and i share this weird bond... our emotions mirror each others all the time we even say things at the same time! It's truly weird and would always freak us out but i've gotten use to it now... it happens all the time to me its like second nature
—Guest talicia

Street Light Goes out

When i pass street lights in my car or some times walk towards street lights some time only one globe goes out then other times the whole street goes out. I was wondering what the heck is wrong with me it also happens when i am concetrating or thinking hard about stuff glad to have found this page
—Guest carel

Can turn off police cars flashing lights

Whenever I drive by a police car with flashing lights, the lights turn off. And occasionally turn on but mostly off. I don't seem to have problems with Street lights, but I have had lots of problems with computers, and I'm a PC technician so this has been very frustrating. As soon as I say the words " I fixed it" or "it's fixed" I find out pretty quickly that it's not. So I just don't say anything, Lol. But I'm really bugged out about the flashing lights. This happens every day and every time I pass by. What's the deal? Thank God for Google cause this is really trippin me out. Although I'm even more tripped out after reading all these stories, Lol. How can I use this to my advantage? Funny how they don't go out when I'm getting pulled over. But I dont get pulled over very often so IDK. Soooo Weird!
—Guest Sp00ni

bulbs at place of employment out etc.

Im experiencing this thing so I searched abt it. I am a self-identfied mystic but silent abt it. Ive also talked to many professing mystics and certified psychics but have not told them abt this occurrence that seems cool to me. Dont be weirded out but whenever i pass by certain consistent lamp posts, that particular lamp post's light go out without fail wfenever im in deep heavy thought. Lately, in fact earlier in the night, I was passing by this particular lamp post and there is no specific time when it shuts off (just whenever im in the approximate distance within it). So i knew it would happen nd it did so I became curioser. Then I thought it could also be the reason why we had to buy new light bulbs at my workplace. The regular old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. But that must just be my imagination. It is true and factual though. At least ten mustve been replaced (or more) already. Anyway, when I was younger, I tried to summon spirit entitiest. One came out.
—Guest SilentSlider

night job

I am 47 years of age.. I have often wondered if there was anyone out there like me.I have had countless experiences over the years,, hundreds you might say. I have been in mall parking lots and other industrial buildingsto watch lights flicker. Flights from state to state that turn off as I go by.As I am driving a truck on an asphalt jobin a town of 22,000 and I am hauling a 35 mile one way trip at night, seemed to go off every night. One in particular seems to go off every time I go by. now I have been an addictbut I've been sober for 12 years this is crazy to me and freaks me out!
—Guest Ron

I thought am possessed

I thought i was possessed or in a presence of something supernatural... Every time i pass underneath majority of street lights they just go off. One day I tried passing on a street with 5 lights n everytime am underneath each one of them they go off... Sounds crazy
—Guest Ovi1

It happens and I don't like it.

I pass under nearly a dozen lights on my way home. After walking nearly a mile to my home one night in June, I went under the final street light and the street light suddenly went out just as I got directly under it. About 3 nights later, I got home late again, the streets lights were on again, and as I approached the final streetlight the same light went out again just as I walked underneath it. 3 nights later, I got home late again. As I passed under the first street light about a mile from my home, it went out. The next light went out. And then the next. I was scared. No more lights went out until I got almost home and then the last 2 went out. I turned around and watched until the last light came back on. Then I went out and walked under it again and it went out again. I did this twice more with the same result. These events have not recurred. I was in a difficult emotional state when this happened because of some personal problems.
—Guest SLCer


People with kinetic energy can blow light bulbs are natural healers . iv messed a Lil with it but feel silly. But can someone please tell me there psychic gifts please. N if anyone knowes of someway to physically prove there r differences between us n non sliders. Like EMF detectors or something along those lines. Oh n one last thing... Now bcuz of my ski effects on things i have developed a very true phobia of doing things like plugging things n2 walls n screwing n light bulbs. My heart races n ill go into a full heart racing panic attack. I hate it bcuz I tell people i cant do it bcuz I have a weird thing with electricity and that they looked at me like I am absolutely crazy but the sli stuff has created a true phobia in me .

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