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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Many people report that street lights shut of with a high degree of regularity when they pass by them. Are you one of them? Are you a SLIder? (SLI stands for street light (or lamp) interference.) Some think it is a genuine psychic effect while others contend it's just coincidence with faulty street lights. Share your thoughts and experiences. Share Your Experiences


The street light outside my house goes off sometimes and when I walk near it comes on. Or the other way around. I'm not crazy, my friends have witnessed it. I'll stand under it and it'll shut off. I'm on the web looking for answers because just minutes ago I turned it on after noticing how dark it was in my front yard. I went outside, walked to the post and put my hand on it. I stared up at the light and it slowly went back to it's orange yellow glow. If anyone witnessed that, I probably looked very odd. I wish I knew what this meant because I'm the only one who has affected it
—Guest Allison

people who affect electronics

some legends say that we are decendants of extra terestrials or angels and that is why we can do these and other things. I am glad that whatver we are, there are others like us and it is good to hear their stories. One Step Beyond documented genetic memories years ago and other fascinating things. I hate to see when people fear or hate us just because we are different.
—Guest cara

Electronics go out, and come back on.

I just began noticing some strange phenomena around me lately. Whenever I'm out and about I usually have anywhere from 2-5 streetlights go out as I approach them, my television will turn off and then on again, and my body movement and sometimes stress levels interfere with radio signals. Not to mention light bulbs are constantly popping out in my room.
—Guest Joshua

God skysign.electical bodymachinepower

i have when i was 7-9 rarely used this lamplight to bridge electric from the outlet cause i liked the wierd feeling it had to my fingers. this is the 3rd post, and last, for now. but another wierd thing, about shooting stars. or ufos whatever that flash i see is. 220 am 2 nights ago, im looking north toward my house but up, and im there like 20 mins waiting to see something shoot, maybe bursting ufo through the atmosphere:P idk, i was thinking to god, and thinking why about the mysteries and confusion. and that i wanted to see more light in the sky. well i wait and wait, no answer, and i think im just crazy and what if all this is bs, then at the thought of complete falseness, i saw it, shoot diagnally from my 6:30 to my 1:10 and i check maps and that was directly south to north. coincidence or God? or just a species thats having a great laugh at me for my intelligence :P terrible to see it that way. But thats why mercy exists because your no good if you dont have the chance to become
—Guest devin

yesradio cellphone, wifi photosensor

radio dial somehow goes to max 50 as a digital type radio, with the type twist knob that closes the circuit making more current(soundsvol) up to 50 thinking about listening to it:P while alseep after hanging out with 2 buds last night. was thinking i could have helped u aunt cat, when she got up to turn the volume up on tv, and im thinking really hard and bothered i couldn't help and as she was turning it up, i was like i would help strongly, and somereason tv just changed video :P i understand sometimes wiring issues. i think that maybe if you think of something dramatic. or something that means alot.(ANG THE AVATAR) your brain can use much more abilities:P and subconsciously too;P thats why he isn't aware 100% cause its different brainwve function. is it gamma we release when we think of things really stressful thats why our heads hurt blood pumps harder, and thought is different. its all how we percieve and attempt things, according to our emotions. wierd even with "shooting stars"
—Guest devin

Halo, Pandora, deep thought,(understand)

I have my game cut to black when i see 4 guys around the corner in swat, my brain is like WOAH lol wierd:P then also today jerked my arm after being shot and i shot up some how, thats impossible. i glitched. listening to tiesto,(or electronictypes/beats trance. i will think of the songs next beat rythimicly and it cuts out i dont understand why for 10 seconds sometimes as i think the song. light sensor outside photosensor goes off somehow when im around. 5-15feetmax disconnect moms calls i hear i dont want to hear lol by just negative thought of it ;P. numbed my ex girlfriends finger when she touched my arm, as i was sparatic, nerves going crazy u know what i mean
—Guest devin

It happens every time!!

I've noticed that every time I walk past these two street lights that the one on the right, and only that one, either goes out or comes on when I walk past it. EVERY. TIME! And I walk past them at different times of night. I thought I was going crazy. Then one night I ended up getting a ride home and I was telling my best friend about it. We drove from the opposite end of the block and as soon as we parked in front of my house (It's in a parking lot across the street) It went out. I'm not gonna lie, I screamed. We both did. I was starting to get freaked out by it so I decided to google it tonight and I flipped when I found all of these links to websites about "sliders". I'm shaking I'm so freaked out right now. I never would've thought there was a NAME for this! I used to think it was just a coincidence, but it happens every time! What causes this? Or is there really no answer to that? It only happens with that one by the way. And my tv has turned on a few times by itself.
—Guest Random

street lights

I have had street lights go out and turn on as I pass, approach, or am underneath them. I have had several experiences where 3-5 lights will act up. Lately though, when I head home from work (1-2 am) I will have an occasional light turn on or off, but on my street there is a specific light that I witness do this 3-5 times a week. I have even winked at it once and I timed it perfect for it to turn off, I laughed the last block home.
—Guest Josh

I have something else.

Sometimes before I fall asleep, within 5 minutes of lying down right when I close my eyes. A huge flash of light fills my room. Sounds like a really good static shock. (loud) When you look at the sun your eye lids almost appear orange. - that happens each time.
—Guest sauceonthebox

effecting electronics

Now I know why I effect electronics, and when it started. When I was 9yrs old, my family and I were moving to a new home. Before anyone could stop me, I had to see what the upstairs looked like. I ran into the bedroom, which would become my room, and quickly tried out the wall light switch. I was thrown across the room,knocked unconscious for a short time. The wall switch was broken and had given my child's body quite a jolt! Of course, all was fixed before we moved in. Since, however, I have "stopped" EKGs which claimed I was flatline when I was actually normally walking and talking, One of the funniest ones is that my car has been 'haunted' It turns on the radio when I approach, and without a key in the middle of the night.(This one scared the devil out of my son in law, who was smoking on my front porch when one midnight radio event occurred. The family is used to it by now. Just the usual: lights flicker, keypads won't operate. It's helpful to know how this may have begun!
—Guest Patricia


My husband and I both have streetlights go on and off when we are out. He can't wear electric watches, but that seems to be his only problem. I kill watches, I've had cash registers act up, and I even messed up a lottery machine so it wouldn't work for thirty minutes. This only started for me after having several MRI's for an injury, and it seems to be getting worse as I get older.

Street light interference

I am wondering if there's a correlation between street light interference and having type O- blood? I have O- and when I am driving at night at least one streetlight blinks off. Also many times when I'm approaching an intersection, the light changes to red even if it's been green a couple of seconds. I do have bipolar but don't know if this is relieve or not.
—Guest Susan

street lights

when I am very tired at night I stop driving when the lights go out.I drive a big truck so this has been a good thing, it was very nerve racking before I found out what was going on .it is like my mind goes blank for a split section,I also cannot wear a watch or use a i pad or kept the batter y up on a Bluetooth head set.
—Guest john

only affect street lights

This is a phenomenon I have been aware of because it happens with me. It also happens with my daughter, although she is always having light bulbs burn out in her house and other electrical malfunctions too. I will be driving along and a street light will go out and half a block later it will come back on. It is not something I consciously will to happen, and it usually happens when I am in an exceptionally good mood. One time I was with a date and we were going to a movie and just after I told him about it the next FIVE street lights in a row went out.

Sliders and Electronics

It comes from my mother's father's side of the family. My grandfather gave up wearing watches because they would stop, and this goes back to wind-up watches. My cousin ended up only buying watches with bands that ran between the wrist and the watch. My watches only lasted a month, until I followed my cousin's example. It got really bad with streetlights. One night, I was fighting with my husband in the car. Crossing a major bridge, every third light started going out on our side. Another night, I was so upset I managed to shut down a motion detector lamp. AFter that, I became serious about grounding and calming myself, especially since I've been working computer related jobs most of my life. I've found that now I'm actually the one who can get equipment to work when no one else can. The balky printer, jammed copier, old computer on its last legs, appliances, even cars, keep working for me past the time they should have given up. When I start losing my calm I literally walk away.
—Guest Brenda

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