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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Many people report that street lights shut of with a high degree of regularity when they pass by them. Are you one of them? Are you a SLIder? (SLI stands for street light (or lamp) interference.) Some think it is a genuine psychic effect while others contend it's just coincidence with faulty street lights. Share your thoughts and experiences.


This has happend to me.. but I think there is a logical explanation for them turning off when you're driving. A lot of street lights are solar power and turn off when lights hit them. Like the sun, or your headlights haha
—Guest logical

weird things happening to me

Okay I know I sound crazy telling this story but I know what's happening, I just don't know why. .. I go past a street light, it turns off. Every morning I pass cops with their bars on at construction sights, they automatically turn off when I pass. My lights flicker non stop and bulbs blow constantly. Even more so there has been a man that has followed me to every single place I've moved to. Is there anyone that can explain to me why or how this is happening, thanks
—Guest can someone please explain. ..

I wish just street lights

If was just street lights wouldn't be so expensive. Computers, cellphones, landlines, ATM'S, debt cards, credit cards, all kitchen appliances, LIGHT BULBS, radios, watches, vehicle sensors, water pumps (house and car) etc. I have as long as I can remember having trouble with electronics, allergic to metal except surprising white gold. Yes street lights have always gone off but they do not go back on. Can't keep a yard light (lived on several farm sites), outside light fixture on house replaced average every 6 months. Replace sewer pump every year sometimes twice. Every place lived power bills extremely high, electricians have no answer for it. Give electric shocks all the time. Quite a few in my family like this, my children especially, in fact when my cell phone "acts up" I give to my daughter overnight and it comes back better but time, volume and brightness always wrong up but phone works better. She never adjust settings. Would like to talk to others with like problems.

Streetlights and more

I do this to streetlights quite often, but there have been times when I have walked into a small building and made all the lights flicker off and back on. And I get the feeling I have done this while running a cash register at wal-mart the lights flickered on and off about 3 times when a customer that looked like he was in physical pain approached my line. I gave him a compliment and he perked right up and looked completely normal. Would also be interested to know if anyone who has SLI has any physical feelings when they trigger an event because I always get a warm pleasant tingling sensation in my lower back in the kidney region. This could be linked to whatever chakra is there or possibly the tan tien from Taoist meditation.
—Guest gyokosama

My SLI Pattern

I have found that this happens when I am in two different emotional states. When I have a stressful situation it happens for short period after. It also happens when I'm angry until I start to cool off. About a week a go, I was mad because of something that happened. I was driving home and almost immediately for an entire city block, street light after street light turned off. But the weird thing is, I can look at the light and actually watch right before it happens. For the longest time it creeped me out, until i recognized the patterns..
—Guest Robert

It's back again!

about 10 years ago, I decided to research to see if there are others with this issue. Street lights mainly, but also light bulbs in my house - fridge, etc going out way sooner than they should. I had one light in particular when I would drive home from my boyfriend's that I almost considered a "friend". Whenever I would get to the red light - this little building on the right had a porch light that was on. Once I pulled up (every single time) the light would start flickering like crazy - like it was telling me "you're almost home!" because I was. And of course the regular street lights - mostly about 6 to 10 I could always count on. After I was married and became pregnant with my daughter, it kind of drifted away. 10 years and 2 kids later - I have noticed it back again. Everything. So I decided to google it again and now I see more stories. Much like mine. I'm a normal person. Not sure what I think is going on, but it's definitely interesting! I enjoy reading these stories
—Guest Hill

me too!!

I was just researching why my smoke & CO detectors keep going off in the middle of the night (the SECOND I climb into bed grr) and they are always false alarms & stop immediately.. I thought I was haunted! Somehow I stumbled upon this site at 4am and I froze. Streetlights have ALWAYS gone off when I passed under, I am so excited that this happens to other people! One time I stopped at a stop sign under a street light, and it blinked on and off repeatedly! it was so cool. I can pick out a light from a row & know THAT one is going to shut off when I go under. Not EVERY time tho. I also have very detailed de ja vu. I have always been receptive to the unknown & feel I have a high amount of electricity perhaps triggering some of this weirdness. There is also a history of psychic ability in my family. So maybe I am CAUSING my 'hauntings' lol. I would love to know if there has been any professional studies on this phenomenon.
—Guest Becky in Green Bay

More than Just Lights

I have experienced street lights going off and on as I pass by. I also have unsually long battery life on any phone or mp3 player i carry in my pockets. When i was younger i would occasionally turn box tvs on or off by touching them. This has never happened with a flatscreen though. I have an unusal rate of being shocked. About every other time i plug something in or unplug something i get a small shock. Certain appliances and vaccum cleaners i cant use because i feel a straining feeling and randomly get shocked. I can feel lightening strikes in my bones as a tension before they actually strike. I also feel that tension when attempting to jump a car just by being inproximity to it. I always justed assumed that i have a weird electrical current that sometimes interferes with things.
—Guest silver

Me too

This has been happening for probably a couple years now. It's mostly streetlight turning on/off around me buts is also happened at school with classroom lights and at home. I also have a lot of weird things happen to me. Like I will think about something and then a short while later it happens
—Guest Ksp


Hello, I must say, Im so happy that Im not alone..but,theres a little difference.. the lights get brighter and so bright sometimes, that I blow them out. At home, street, pc*s, any electrical if im really "hot" that day. I have been trying to find a rational explanation and have even tried to ignore it, to no avail.Thinking perhaps it s all in my head, I wandered into a remote part of the park surrounding my neighborhood, and the lights began to shine so bright as I passed them, I was afraid they would blow... now that thats off my chest I feel better. Still no explanation, but its nice to know Im not alone!

I Had No Idea It's Abnormal

I didn't know this was a "phenomenon" 'til I saw someone post on facebook about it last night - I literally believed street lights were supposed to turn off when you walked under them! I haven't noticed this happening much lately, but I've also become a farmer (up with the sun, early to bed) and live in an area with few streetlights. I'll definitely be testing this out, though!
—Guest Joe G WV

my experiences

I just noticed recently streetlights turned off when I approach them in my car. I noticed at least three to four recently but I never paid attention until recently. Then I remember my friend could turn on this street light everytime he walked under it. That street light been out for years and he showed me 3 times and each yime he walked under it turned on. what seems so interesting to me and this may or may not have a connection but he is the opposite of my zodiac sign so he turns on lights and it seems I turn off lights
—Guest lovelyguest

I heard a logical explanation...

Has been happening to me for 34 years. Typically it is the same street light that goes out as I approach by car. But other lights also go out completely or dim drastically. Always just one light post, never a row of lights. One night years ago, I was watching the late Dr, David Viscott - he televised his radio talk show and offered counsel/advise to listeners. A caller phoned in to ask if the Dr knew why street lights were going out when they drove by them. Dr. Viscott didn't have an a answer but shortly after a man identifying himself as a DWP (dept of water and power) technician called in to respond. I'm paraphrasing here but he explained that the electrical currents generated by some vehicle engines were capable of disrupting the transponders in street lamps. The weakest link goes out or dims (similar to holiday light strings) as you (and the car) approach or drive by. humans also generate electrical currents so it could be this "phenomenon" is less paranormal, more science
—Guest Vicky

Aeroplane Electricity

They call me the 'jinx' at work. Every time i fly (I'm a flight attendant) SOMETHING goes wrong with the plane. Some pilots have said that they wish they could swap off my flights lol. After a recent weeks break, i spent all my time resting and walking in nature, and being kind to myself, my luck changed. It's starting up again, but it took a month of these stressful issues away from me so i could chill for a bit.
—Guest Rachael

light coming on...instead of going off

I'm like everyone here. This has been happening to me for at least 14 years. It started when my youngest was a teenager. It started with a parking light turning off after I got into my parked car. I thought it was coincidental. At it height I had a series of highway light go off as I approached at 70 mph. Since then I've had them come on as well as go off. One night I said "stop", and it stopped. Two night ago a dim street light that was about to burn out came on when I stared at it. This was on my way home in my platt as I drove. I had another street light in my platt that looked burned out, but I "felt" it would come on. I stared at it and said to myself "come on", and it did. I've done this several times, and have had times when nothing responded. No lights going out. I would completely forget about it. The other night with the bad bulb in the street light going out is the first time I thought to try in a long time. I also can hear voices but only rarely.
—Guest dee

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