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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Many people report that street lights shut of with a high degree of regularity when they pass by them. Are you one of them? Are you a SLIder? (SLI stands for street light (or lamp) interference.) Some think it is a genuine psychic effect while others contend it's just coincidence with faulty street lights. Share your thoughts and experiences. Share Your Experiences


People with kinetic energy can blow light bulbs are natural healers . iv messed a Lil with it but feel silly. But can someone please tell me there psychic gifts please. N if anyone knowes of someway to physically prove there r differences between us n non sliders. Like EMF detectors or something along those lines. Oh n one last thing... Now bcuz of my ski effects on things i have developed a very true phobia of doing things like plugging things n2 walls n screwing n light bulbs. My heart races n ill go into a full heart racing panic attack. I hate it bcuz I tell people i cant do it bcuz I have a weird thing with electricity and that they looked at me like I am absolutely crazy but the sli stuff has created a true phobia in me .

wanting answers. n have questions. pleas

This I must say also happens to myself. Iv not really noticed it alot lately. But iv not been out n dark lately eather. But i noticed my first odd experience was probably a year , give or take a bad. After my dad died. But my 5disk cd changer\player would cut on by itself. N other people seen it also. And at first thought it was him. But then I started noticing few years later. Street lights would always go out. Sometimes 3 lights n a row n I was walking not driving. But I started noticing it more n more. I have noticed tho that i would b around 1 certain person it and he had to notice an but. This person obviously bring it on pretty strong that I would like to know y this is. And i have straight up blown light bulbs that have already been on at the,time. Iv even weirded my Lil girl out one time. But i do feel like there is a gift attached to this ability. So please people please tell me off ur physic abilities.. I have heard by Silvia Brown that people who have alota. Next post

Ha I knew it!

So i was walking down the street at night of course and wanted to see if i really did effect the lamps. Ive noticed street lamps doing weird things just as i happen to come around them often because at this point in my life i was doing allot of walking around at night in a small town. So i pass under this street lamp and proceed about 20-30ft beyond it, not looking back, then suddenly i stop, turn around quickly with my hand at my hip imitating a gun the way a child would and fired. The light had turned off as i approached it, which sparked the idea, and as i fired i thought "let there be light" at the same time said "bang" with such little sound, one could hardly say i said it. The light had come back on that instant. no one was there to see it but i was so overtaken with joy i laughed out loud in satisfaction. What ever this is, I'd sure like to know more about it. I can also do other things.

lights out constantly

Has been happening my whole life but has been getting more regular in the past 3-4 years. Street lights are constantly going off when I walk under them and now even when I drive under them. This is the first time Ive shared this. Any Sliders out there that could give a better response than Wikipedia.
—Guest Dano


This happens to me on a regular basis generally it happens to me daily, on the way home tonight i hit a all time high of 3 random street lights turning off when i walked underneath them, the last time i walked home it was two but its funny because they were two different street lights, and this happens to me everywhere i go or when i am driving random street lights will just turn off when i go passed them, it ranges from all types of street lights to security lights or just lights on buildings. It's kinda creepy but i just think of it as my Guardian Angel, He always follows me and just needs to suck the juice from the lights when i pass to stay physically active or it's a way of saying he is there lol, haha i am not a religious person by no means but i just go oh hey buddy i know your there lol :)
—Guest Barryman36

But what causes this

I have recently begun noticing that everyday when get past this one light at the park it will turn off its before 1030 but of its after the light turns on everyday a i pass by. I wouldn't be worrie if the light wasn't an led one that came on. This is not an led light it is an old bulb it should not be that coulor
—Guest Canadian kid

rh neg

Curious to know how many here are rhesus neg blood ??
—Guest rhneg

My boyfriend and i's experience

On the 14th of June at around 10pm or so, it was my last night with my boyfriend before I had to head back home to Australia. He lives in Ohio and I live in Perth, Western Australia. That night, we were both in such emotional states, and decided to do one last adventure together before I headed home. So we decided to go to a covered bridge, we were the only ones there and my boyfriend told me he wanted a picture of me infront of the Ohio state sign infront of the bridge.. Just as he was about to take it, the street light turned off. it stayed off until we walked away for a bit then came back on when I was close to it again. I believe this is totally real.
—Guest Lauren Rogers


Relieved I'm not the only one! Wonder what would happen if we all got together in one place? 25 yrs+, I've suffered from this. SL, watches, oven, stoves, computers, cars, dish washers, cell phones, clocks... glitch or stop working. I was only looking up why my watches always stopped working thinking it might be from a particular mineral in my system, not knowing that all these other things are connected. How is this a gift when you can destroy electronics with your mere bodily presence?... It's expensive, time consuming, nuisance! Does anyone want to study us? Is there a convention? Is there support groups? Only my immediate family knows because they've observed it. Reluctant to share. I want to know others like me & I want to know the affect we might have collectively.
—Guest Yvette California

It's True!

It's happened to me several times throughout my life. You can't control it, but it happens to me when driving around or walking in a parking lot. I've even had issues with my ex roommate's cable box. It would always malfunction when I would show up. It had to be reset (unplugged) every time. It never happened with anyone else...maybe a coincidence, who knows?
—Guest Brian

Lights less than other items

I almost always effect radios. The oddest thing, and I've had it happen with many friends, I charge shopping carts somehow and they even shock other people after I let go.
—Guest Sharon


never happened to me b4 or maybe i never noticed. Today while im going though intense emotion all the lights go out above me at the train station, then my bf is giving me a massage and took off my necklace and put it on her phone and her phone started going crazy, and on the way home still thinking about my "stresses" and a street light turned off as i drove past, 3 times in one day is wierd stuff.
—Guest rubi

Freshmen orientation and working out

This has been happening to me as long as I can remember. Street lights, lamps, classroom lights have been turning off or flickering when I walk by them or sit under them. When I work out the heart rate never works for me and I've even had machines reset while I was on them. During my freshmen orientation I was telling my friends that street lights turn off for me and I said watch this now turn off and it did and I went to the next one and said turn on and it did. They freaked out and my friends phone dropped and I caught it then it started freaking out the screen kept flashing all night. I get shocked a lot when I get out of my friends cars or touch light switches. I also seem to be the only one who can get electronics to work when no one else can. When I get angry lights flicker and things fall over. I would love to control it but I can't and it sucks
—Guest Andy's freaked out

I scare myself sometimes

Since July of 2009 I started counting the lights that turn off on me as I pass them, I stopped keeping count at 1,450 (give or take a few) in August of 2013. When in my car my radio randomly just kills, when I walk away from it, it starts back up. There are two occurrences that left me speechless. The first was while I was visiting a friend in college, I told her about my streetlight situation and was in disbelief. Me being cocky I said "watch this" pointed my finger like a gun at a streetlight and went bang and as I did that is shut off. At that point I was in fear of myself. The next time I was at a red light with my girlfriend driving late at night, a streetlight was flickering, she remarked to it and I said "let's give it some life" I focused on it and it got brighter and stronger, my girlfriend was astonished then I saw the light was green I put my hand down and the light went dead. That drive home I had to explain I wasn't a witch, at least I don't think I am...
—Guest Corey


Algumas vezes, quando estou com muita raiva, as luzes piscam ou queimam. Queimam também quando coloco a mão no interruptor. Quando estou com roupa sintética ou arrasto os pés em carpetes o efeito aumenta e começo a dar choques nas pessoas e emito faiscas. Parece que, algumas vezes, copos de vidro estouraram próximos de mim. Sem dúvida eu possuo algum efeito elétrico espontâneo e, nos casos de choques, eles incomodam.

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Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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