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Readers Respond: What is your explanation of what Kelly and her husband experienced?

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Kelly and her husband were surprised one night in their living room by the appearance of a mysterious vapor or fog that seemed to be trying to get their attention. Read her story, then tell us what you think they experienced. What do you think?

The unknown forces

I know for a fact that these unknown forces are called lost souls that not even aware they have past on to the other world. When you acknowledge their presences is to tell them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. This is for the living and for the dead. For them to get out and you don t want them here. Next is for you to get a priest to come into your home to bless your home. Maybe with your home blessed the spirits and ghosts will leave your holy home. Do not speak to these ghosts or spirits cause it maybe the devil whos lingering in your home. Please keep me inform of your these unknown lost souls.
—Guest Carmen Lombardi

what is it???

I didnt wantto tell anybody about it but i had to. I told my friend and it was wierd. She told me she had seen the same thing, the same night and at the same exact time, 830pm. She was at a store when she saw a white mist like thing 'run' past her as well, and she actually tried to follow it, but it had disapeared, just like it did to me. She looked around for it and couldnt find whayever it was. Her friends woth her asked what she was doing, and she just said looking for something because they didnt see it. We just think it is crazy that we saw the same exact thing, the same night, and time, but in two different places.
—Guest hello

Purple ribbon of smoke that was smart

I woke up at 3:am on the dot and got out of bed. Walking down the hall I saw it... 1 foot long at first and in front of me down the hallway. I followed it into the kitchen and it hovered there and grew longer. I reached my hand out but instinct told me not to touch it and when I did reach for it it also reached back for my hand and I felt it was going to enter me. I told it to leave my house in the name of Jesus and it went out the roof. I know I do not want no extra spirits in my vessel!
—Guest Purple Smoke

Blue smoke

my wife and I had this same thing happen to us.I would really like to talk with them. No jokes, scams, no B.S. I WANT TO KNOW
—Guest WALLY

seen it

Seen it last night tripped me out so I looked it up and this popped up I was walking home through young men patriot park in Riverview and by the woods their was a small almost reverse spout of smoke in one spot and I kept my eyes on it while walking it was after 10 and it just disappeared abruptly
—Guest chris

Smokey eyes

I have seen the smoke episodes in my home a couple times it looked like smoke was floating out of the light I thought it was burning or something did not mention to anyone cause they would not believe me then it happened a second time and thought I was crazy it looked like white smoke was just floating up from behind couch but all was clear. Weird
—Guest Smokey


I have a picture from a cemetary in pitch black I took and it was clear and in one pic it wag foggy around one tree then took another pic of same area right after and was clear
—Guest matt


I just saw a grey puff of smoke by my feet about 2 inches from the floor then it just disappeared? I know that I am not crazy now because others have experienced this? Wow that was crazy. What does it mean? I am a little scared and can't believe what I just seen! I said to the smoke I know your are there. What do you want? Then asked the smoke to help me with a problem. Then I called my sister and totally freaked her out.
—Guest Michael

White Cloud of Smoke

A yr. 1/2 i lost my Grandmother to cancer and a weight stays on chest. Five months ago I became weak, sick and tired all i want to do is sleep.. Because Im not myself, nor do i have any energy. Starting two weeks ago I've seen this cloud of smoke in my apartment. The first appearance i woke from sleeping 9 hours. Sat in the bed for a minute looked to my left and there it was but suddenly disappeared.. So timepersues and i continue to be the only one that is seeing this. Well until today my i called my lil brother he came to visit, as we was done visiting i took a seat in the chair outlooking my woke frontroom when i he looked me in my eyes and said Sis please tell me you just seen that?? I asked what?? He said that cloud of white smoke that just disappeared and to be honest i didn't.. What could this be? Is that you Grandma? Am I ok, is there anything i need to kno?? Just please tell me what this means.. I'm 23 young and scared to the witt
—Guest angeleyes

Play Misty III continued

Since living here I have had some very extreme encounters. I have had breathy sharp clear whisper of my name right up against my ear now 3 times which shocks me out of a deep sleep with chills running rampid through my body and my ear feels totally tickled annoyed where I rub it drastically to make it stop. I believe we live in the AM/FM and the after life goes into a dimension such as XY/ZY if you will. Like an Octagon cube that can be turned and twisted into new shapes, but never loosing it's true existance...
—Guest YmeYme

Play Misty continued...

extremely intelligent men and at the time it was all I needed. Skipping over so-so many incidents that now through the years have been witnessed by my husband. So as of lately, living on land where no car lights can reach my home, I woke up one night, with all the curtains drawn, looking up at my ceiling I saw a lit up smoke hovering my ceiling. The strangest part was I could see through it making out I actaully had no ceiling because I could see the stars through the mist So I sat up in bed, in complete disbelief at first, looking from the far right to the far left, blinked my eyes a few times, and could see everything perfectly in our room. The smoke reminded me so much of Hot Ice. Sitting on the bed under it seemed like if you were in a pool, under water at night and were looking up. There was definately, a devide between the world I was sitting up in and the world beyond the moving white mist. It lasted long enough for me to pinch myself, to know without a doubt it was very real, a
—Guest ymeyme

Play Misty for someone else

I have had full blown apparition encounters since the age of 7. I was visited by a blond boy and girl who were identical twins, younger than me, at probably 5 years old. To this day I can remember every detail of their hair, blue eyes, tan skin, the plaid shirt on him and the crisp white collar on her dress with the little bow tied along her back as I watched them walk from one side of my bed to the other and gently came right up to me. They were dressed in current fashion according to the times. I'll jump over other events in between with how I'd been followed by a blue ball of light for some time and finally 2 of my friends who held top level executive positions in Silicon Valley, who I had never shared this with, saw it clearly come down my stair case while having a candle lit dinner at my home during a rain storm. I thought they would tear my home a part looking for it. I did not know how to tell that this had been happening to me. I just knew that I had finally been validated by 2

white mist

It was around 3 in the morning and I woke up to the fire alarm being set off. I looked at it and saw a white mist kinda looked like smoke but had no smell then it suddernely disapered. I think there was a fire in that house before we moved in but my gf said she has an enitity following her. Also 1 week later to the day a giant sewer rat rushed my gf who was sat on the toilet and appered from nowere. It got stuck trying to climb in a little hole in the bath pannel so I had to burn it. It was huge!
—Guest leon

I just had this happen

I was turning on my tv to set up my Xbox in my room, a look over my shoulder and a small white mist, almost like a puff of smoke appeared, it was just swirling for a few seconds as I waved my hand through it wondering where it came from. It was low to my carpeting so I thought something was smoldering down there. I lost my Mother it will be 2 years this coming Dec. I know she is with me, for the past three days.. I have had a pink carnation flower( they represent I will never forget you) go from on a vase on a table, to laying next to my shoe on a kitchen floor. Just to come home to a picture of my Mom, sisters and I, appearing on top of her urn. I know she's with me daily and lookin out for me. It bring me comfort and ease and her spirit is with me. Blessings and good vibes. My condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one.
—Guest Stimp2


Is this smoke picked up my fire alarms because my fire alarm went off and my mums boy friend has some bruises on his arm and he thinks a poltergeist is after him.
—Guest Jacob

What do you think?

What is your explanation of what Kelly and her husband experienced?

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