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Readers Respond: What is your explanation of what Kelly and her husband experienced?

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Kelly and her husband were surprised one night in their living room by the appearance of a mysterious vapor or fog that seemed to be trying to get their attention. Read her story, then tell us what you think they experienced. What do you think?

I see this

I have been seeing this regularly for the past 7 years. Often I wake up at night, and I see what looks like a small cloud in my room, it moves like a ribbon. My boyfriend and mother has also reported that I fight with the "air" in my sleep and yet when I wake up, I have recollection of the smoke being in my room. I know that I used to fight with these smoke clouds in my room. It seems to be a spirit of some sort, but it's not the size of a person, it's about a meter or smaller in size. It goes away after I protest a bit, but I have gotten so used to it now, I just kind of accept it. What happened recently is that I woke up, because it felt like there was a wet cloth on my face, but it was the white smoke/fog resting on my face. When I woke up and shooed it away, the coldness left.
—Guest Ms Confused

My white mist story - Please help!

When I was 5 maybe 6 years old I was awoken to the sound of 'little people' playing on my bed. I could feel them as real as I can the key's that I am tapping now. I could hear them talking incoherently amongst themselves. At the time I thought it strange my Lego figures could do this! To this day I regret not observing them. Instead I turned to my left, towards the door, in order to shout my mother that I was scared. Facing me was a white, oval mist/fog about 4 feet high and about 3 feet wide. When I shouted my mother the 'little people' disappeared but the mist remained, even as she entered the room to check on my welfare. When she left the room it had gone too. I went on to be a chronic sleep paralysis sufferer from the ages of 7 to 15 and know the difference between altered states and being lucid. I was definitely fully awake when this happened. I've experienced lots because of SP but to this day am still stumped by this oval shaped mist. Can anybody suggest anything?
—Guest karl

Fog In The House

When I was a child back in the 60's and a teenage in the 70's, I seen a fog in our house many times through the years. My father built the house when I was 7 and we lived there till I was 19 and my parents sold it. I witnessed the fog about 8 or 9 times. It only appeared between 2 and 4 in the morning and was in every room in the house. I remember looking out the window and a few times walking outside to see a clear fog less night. Then walk back into the house into a fog that was from the floor about 4 to 5 ft. high. Two things that I can't explain, one is that I never woke anyone on the nights that I seen it. For some reason it never bothered me to walk through it, go to the bathroom and back to bed. the second thing is the five people in my family never ever talked about it while we lived there. Years later the it was up for sale by the other owners and I told my father that I would like to buy it. He told me that there was something wrong with it, a fog that he could not explain.
—Guest Al

Unexplained Phenomenon

I had the same experienced when I was young. The phenomenon was first witnessed by our neighbors thinking that the house was on fire. Only to find a rolling (seems like in a solid state of) white smoke that ran from our scullery, passing through the window of our bedroom to back of our closet on the 2nd floor. As it happened late at night, the scullery had already been cleaned except for some already dry and cold ashes left in our wood-burning stove. What fascinates us is that the smoke happened to be moving and rolling only in one direction towards our closet, and this phenomenon lasted for a couple of minutes before it disseminated and vanished to thin air. Until now, no one could explain the phenomenon but we're still in awe whenever we talk about it.
—Guest Mark

white cloud

i have been encountering the white fog or mist for quite some time. sometimes in no shape, and sometimes with a body shape. i have seen it move from place to place, i have touch it as well, it comes to me at nights. i even have pictures of it. im so used to it already that i can sleep at night even when i see it enter my room. i been seeing things like that since i was a little boy.
—Guest omar

The unknown forces

I know for a fact that these unknown forces are called lost souls that not even aware they have past on to the other world. When you acknowledge their presences is to tell them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. This is for the living and for the dead. For them to get out and you don t want them here. Next is for you to get a priest to come into your home to bless your home. Maybe with your home blessed the spirits and ghosts will leave your holy home. Do not speak to these ghosts or spirits cause it maybe the devil whos lingering in your home. Please keep me inform of your these unknown lost souls.
—Guest Carmen Lombardi

what is it???

I didnt wantto tell anybody about it but i had to. I told my friend and it was wierd. She told me she had seen the same thing, the same night and at the same exact time, 830pm. She was at a store when she saw a white mist like thing 'run' past her as well, and she actually tried to follow it, but it had disapeared, just like it did to me. She looked around for it and couldnt find whayever it was. Her friends woth her asked what she was doing, and she just said looking for something because they didnt see it. We just think it is crazy that we saw the same exact thing, the same night, and time, but in two different places.
—Guest hello

Purple ribbon of smoke that was smart

I woke up at 3:am on the dot and got out of bed. Walking down the hall I saw it... 1 foot long at first and in front of me down the hallway. I followed it into the kitchen and it hovered there and grew longer. I reached my hand out but instinct told me not to touch it and when I did reach for it it also reached back for my hand and I felt it was going to enter me. I told it to leave my house in the name of Jesus and it went out the roof. I know I do not want no extra spirits in my vessel!
—Guest Purple Smoke

Blue smoke

my wife and I had this same thing happen to us.I would really like to talk with them. No jokes, scams, no B.S. I WANT TO KNOW
—Guest WALLY

Wow Thats Weird!

I have had things happen. But not that bad...What was it like? How did u feel when it happened?
—Guest Amelia twinkle

White smoke

I was awakened by my cats, and as I got up from the couch, I noticed a cloud of white smoke in my living room. The smoke was moving from the hallway, and I thought for sure my house was on fire. I quickly ran to the back of the home and nothing was out of order. This really frightened me. The prior homeowner died in the living room.
—Guest Lchancey

Unknown visitation

I have encountered very similar, only it wasn't mist or fog, but in our own vocabulary we can only describe it as this. Mine was maneuvering and gliding along the upstairs landing at night. It was round, likened to a transcucent mist which dissipated to which I then saw a vertical column of white light which glided extremely fast towards me. If it came towards me slowly, I would have been curious to watch but it was the speed it moved. I turned under the bedclothes hoping it was not at the side of the bed until I fell asleep. Where did this come from was it dimensional?
—Guest shirley

Smoke or fog

Ghost: I have seen this before, not once but twice.
—Guest Brenda

Ethereal consciousness

Can you call them, contemporary ? Spatial-consciousness shadow, Which grayish-medium thereat evaporate? I too have witnessed by at curve ascent ! Its swift - It seems to calculate, tech-items, functional distances, If phantom- mute, I couldn't say, Or what reply to rounds of direct stare. Such glide thru room and travel-space, And even stairs, and gone at next flight ! They seem to wish returning, And when they do they're swift. As if by pre-conceived appointment expect to be understood aerial/ethereal per relay; each wait not for mechanical, but for trans- dimensional transaction !!
—Guest Dan


I was living in Banning, California at the time. It was in the fall and late at night, about 11 p.m. My husband and I had gone to sleep. It was very windy out (Santa Ana wind) up to 75 mph, and had trouble going to sleep. All of sudden, I was hearing my name to get up and come outside. I mentally told him "no". So I went into the living room. As I was walking down the hallway, it seemed enveloped in this fog, very heavy and thick. When I got to the living room, I opened the curtains and waited. Suddenly, I was being told about a death in my family, and being upset, I didn't want to hear who it was (my 2-year-old niece). The voice told me that he loved me and that he would always be with me. Then he left, and so did the fog. I walked back into the bedroom, whereupon my husband asked me what was going on. I couldn't really explain, but he said he had seen like a cloud inside the house. He lit a religious candle and prayed. One month later, I received the call about my niece. It was sad.

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What is your explanation of what Kelly and her husband experienced?

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