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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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it confuses me. cuz i have a friend who says he is one and has proved it. but i have researched so much and it never seems true.. so i dont know :O
—Guest uhhhh


Physically maybe no vampires mentally defenently me and some of my friends act like vampires not intentionally but accidently so some people don't like us also I have pale skin and you can see my vains I also have green eyes like Louis and lestat
—Guest Pearl Urita

They are real

I think vamps are real but I wouldn't mind being one I am confused and need help or advice on them email me at grimshawjordan@yahoo.co.uk vamps email me thx
—Guest Vampboy12

vampires, deadly sick demons

vampires are real but they are sick demons you would want to go near them. Legends say they live in Europe trying to kill you and get you to hell. If a vampire is bothering you, point your finger at it rebuke by saying - in the name of jesus christ of nazareth perish - and it will go away from you.
—Guest tai

Not what you think

Vampires are not what you think.They are evil and drain humans of their blood.They don't have souls and if you were to ask one to change you, they wouldn't. They would kill you instead. Believe me, you don't want to be a vampire. You would most likely kill the ones you love and you wouldn't be able to be in the sun.
—Guest Girl

There are funny f*cks here

Real funny guys, "vampires". I can assure you vampires don't exist, and they've never existed. Now maybe you're reffering to creatures of the night. Well that's another story. One of them even approaches your common idea of the vampire. There was a time where these creatures fed on blood and lived at night, because it's easier to do so at night. But now these old habits don't stand anymore, well, for the majority of us. It's so easy to see who's rambling shit on these forums, although some seemed authentic to me. I was just curious, I've been using internet for a few months now, it really is quite amazing. Daele wa ni telarre seov, taim? hahaha
—Guest hahaha

I wish

I wish I could be a vampire. The only downside in that is that you would live eternal lifetime and everyone you know would be dead in a couple of decades or so just like edward said in twilight.
—Guest Bella

Real Vampire

Vampires unlike their supernatural roots, are real people with energy deficiencies. Such as lack of energy, we eat citric acidic foods for a "boost" and so forth. Try typing in Real Vampires to your search bar. Some community support links will give you an idea.
—Guest Psychich

Vampires do not exists

Vampires are not real . If you believe they are real, you are a dumbass. :)
—Guest derp_derp


I know they are real believe me. I am not a vampire but my dream is to become one. Unlike some people My dreams are like deja vu, and when i have these dreams it happens in real life right in front of me. My mom then told me my grandmother was a witch so i thought it would be a good idea to mess with the black magic and spellcraft, so i did, and i will never summon a vampire again. If i want to meet one it has to be by accident. It was awesome but it creeeped me out fully. I am going through alot like me being emo and all that and everyone calling me vampire girl or witch girl: the 2nd one is true. hee hee don't mess with me but yeah im a witch not a vampire but someday i will be both.
—Guest Raventine

are vampires real

I think there real because i watch twilight. I like Edward because I think he is hot.
—Guest Amber


I think it's naturall that they have the urge to drink living blood because if they don't drink living mortals blood they will die
—Guest foxy dox

met one?

I've been haunted by continuous dreams of a person I am sure is a vampire. I know his exact discription, demenor, and even some of his personal posetions... I am currently in the prosess of trying to find out his identity. My email is roy_is_smexy@yahoo.com. Please use a relatable description so I can sort from spam. If you have any information that could be valuable to me please contact me.
—Guest mysterious...

Not what you think

I'm a real vampire, vampires aren't what you think they are. We're pale, we sense things, we're strong, ect. We have better night vision, we're more nocturnal. We can change your mood by being in your presence. Better immune systems, you get the point.
—Guest Vanessa

If they r inreal so...

Look guys if vampires r there what could we do just die no...twilight is a very wonderful film becoz in that film about the vampire lifestyle they showed but just killing the humans is bad may be they r there or not
—Guest Sowmya

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