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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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Look, vampires may or may not exist. No one really knows. You shouldn't believe them, yet you shouldn't NOT believe in them. We may never know, or we might find out tomorrow. WHO KNOWS? Being the awesome book lover I am, I hope they are. However, I don't want vampires from "Twilight," who sparkle (really Stephanie Meyer, really?). I prefer Dracula, or ones such as the ones from vampire knight. But, as I said earlier, we may never know if they exist. That is that.
—Guest Luna Alexia

Not real

Vampires. Are. Not. Real. Children in this generation have become more obsessive with this fictional character... they are not real; just an interesting story.
—Guest Normal Girl

My opinion--

My opinion is there are not actual vampires that roam the night looking for throats to rip and blood to drink from struggling victims, this referring to the Hollywood stereotypical vampire from the movies. There are people out there that need to drink blood to sustain themselves. Such as Sanguinarians for example, they drink blood from consenting donors (clean donors that have gone and gotten a check up.) Without the blood they become irritable, fatigued and become very ill. They take on the label as "Vampire" because of the need to have blood treatments in order to be healthy. Just like the rest of the people around them. Believe what you wish to believe, but no matter how much you criticize the world and it's unexplainable. They will still and always be here. They are everywhere but nowhere.
—Guest TheMetalManda


Hi, my name is Anikka, I was reading your article on vampires, about how people think that vampires aren't real. Well I might have proof that they are real. I've been drinking blood for about let's just say a couple of years. About every night when my boyfriend comes over he lets me feed off of him cause he doesn't want me to go outside and kill people. He rather me drink his blood. I understand if this sounds a bit crazy and you probably don't believe this, but it's painful because my boyfriend wants me to turn him, but I'm afraid to because I don't want to loose him to the woman that turned me into a vampire. But a lot of the killings in newspapers and the unsolved cases are for HUMANS, they are from people like me. We, vamps, don't have a choice in what we eat or how we live, we are cursed forever. But we can live off of human food, but we are so use to drinking blood that we don't even notice that we have to eat other things. Nothing about our appearance is different from humans.

If Only....

Obviously, vampires don't exist. For those of you who think they do, I have a piece of advice for you: There are these special buildings throughout the U.S. that contain secret information. They are called libraries. Go read a book. However, if they DID exist, do you have ANY idea how much fun it would be to be a modern day Van Helsing? I'd so get off on hunting and killing vamps.... If only....
—Guest BamChug


Anyone that claims to be a vampire is completely insane, and if they have any loving family, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
—Guest Team Joey

Maybe... Maybe not

All vampire stories are different and sometimes the only thing making "them" different from humans is that they want or need to drink blood. In some other stories, vampires have extraordinary powers like super speed, strength, mind control, and so on. But people are getting carried away. Vampires aren't just made up because it's the same thing as saying aliens are real also. It's not what they are or what they do, it's where they come from. If we find another type of human being on a different planet, they'll be considered as an alien. So it's really what characteristics you're looking for in a person that will put them in a vampire category.
—Guest Mike

Vampire Bats

I believe that the stories of vampires came from the vampire bats found in South America. So no I don't believe in vampires.
—Guest Kari


Seriously, there's never, not once, been any indication of any individual with supernatural powers. Not once has such a claim been conclusively verified. It's really not that hard to understand. There is no hard proof that there aren't vampires, but the smart money is that there isn't. The rest is people wanting vampires to exist because they like the movies.
—Guest M


It is quite absurd that so many humans make us out to be like those Twilight, True Blood and all that Hollywood fiction. We are nothing like that, we don't sparkle, we don't turn to ashes out in the sun. We don't kill to get what we need. Yeah, there might have been some others that did, but after all. No one is perfect. I'm a Vampyre, and I don't agree with all of this nonsense about teenagers believing all that crap. We are real. Don't fake it.
—Guest Alexander


In my opinion, there are things in this world we can't explain, but vampires are sheer fantasy.
—Guest Gameryo

what do you think of vampire subcultures

Actually, no response but eh, im a vamp myself. quite scary but its true. i could include things that happen, like eyes completely black, ( the whole pupil) wide awake at night and exhausted in morning, love to wear and love black, i love dark and rainy. one thing i dont know about is dreams that i have then come true or a day comes and it feals like it already happened to come and realize i had that dream!
—Guest IsVampire

about vampires

here are some this you should know like what has already been said vampires can go outside but we don't realy like to and if you think that all vampires has fast speed mind controle and super strangth here's a few awnsers for you not all vampires have speed strangth and as for mingcontrole 1 in 10000 poses this power but one this that we all poses is a slower aging proceses and if there whernt wanabe hunters {people who kill us fof the hell of it} ya we would probobly come ouy in abundince but we cant those of us that arnt psys and need blood should join the war alot of us do why were beater at it then reagular humans yes vimpires arnt monsters but humans with a diferent dna code and to those that want to be like us please just live your nomale life becuase we just want to live life.
—Guest Jing ogira


I'm a sang and i hate all these movies and books about vampires. I understand that money is the reason for making them but what bothers me is that people believe them and this results in wanna-be's, haters and people obsessed with vampires... And for the people who think vampires are evil killers i tell you this : if a sang or psy vampire happens to be a criminal or someone with mental issues, that's not because he's a sang/psy, it's because he's a human. And we don't fry in the sun, don't have fangs, don't have a blood fetish and don't hunt people.
—Guest Jess

Common Sense Says Vampires ARE REAL.

Anyone who knows anything about anthropology and cultural studies will tell you that every little bit of myth is based upon some reality. And when you look at various cultures, seperated by time and distance, we see the figure of the vampire, which contrary to popular misconception was NOT invented by Brahm Stoker. This is too much of a coincidence to just dismiss, and it would be absurd to assume that cultures who had no or little contact with one another would all "invent" the exact same mythos or have the same experiences attatched to them. The belief in vampires is still very present in many villiages in Eastern Europe. So, for all of those non-believers out there....perhaps the question is, what is lacking in your own psyche that is allowing your fear to paralyze you and keep you from looking at the very simple, and logical conclusion that not only are vampires real, but there is much more out there than the tiny little box of modern life would have us to believe.
—Guest Niki- Vampire Researcher Writer

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