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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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Vampire Bats

I believe that the stories of vampires came from the vampire bats found in South America. So no I don't believe in vampires.
—Guest Kari


Seriously, there's never, not once, been any indication of any individual with supernatural powers. Not once has such a claim been conclusively verified. It's really not that hard to understand. There is no hard proof that there aren't vampires, but the smart money is that there isn't. The rest is people wanting vampires to exist because they like the movies.
—Guest M


It is quite absurd that so many humans make us out to be like those Twilight, True Blood and all that Hollywood fiction. We are nothing like that, we don't sparkle, we don't turn to ashes out in the sun. We don't kill to get what we need. Yeah, there might have been some others that did, but after all. No one is perfect. I'm a Vampyre, and I don't agree with all of this nonsense about teenagers believing all that crap. We are real. Don't fake it.
—Guest Alexander


In my opinion, there are things in this world we can't explain, but vampires are sheer fantasy.
—Guest Gameryo

what do you think of vampire subcultures

Actually, no response but eh, im a vamp myself. quite scary but its true. i could include things that happen, like eyes completely black, ( the whole pupil) wide awake at night and exhausted in morning, love to wear and love black, i love dark and rainy. one thing i dont know about is dreams that i have then come true or a day comes and it feals like it already happened to come and realize i had that dream!
—Guest IsVampire

about vampires

here are some this you should know like what has already been said vampires can go outside but we don't realy like to and if you think that all vampires has fast speed mind controle and super strangth here's a few awnsers for you not all vampires have speed strangth and as for mingcontrole 1 in 10000 poses this power but one this that we all poses is a slower aging proceses and if there whernt wanabe hunters {people who kill us fof the hell of it} ya we would probobly come ouy in abundince but we cant those of us that arnt psys and need blood should join the war alot of us do why were beater at it then reagular humans yes vimpires arnt monsters but humans with a diferent dna code and to those that want to be like us please just live your nomale life becuase we just want to live life.
—Guest Jing ogira


I'm a sang and i hate all these movies and books about vampires. I understand that money is the reason for making them but what bothers me is that people believe them and this results in wanna-be's, haters and people obsessed with vampires... And for the people who think vampires are evil killers i tell you this : if a sang or psy vampire happens to be a criminal or someone with mental issues, that's not because he's a sang/psy, it's because he's a human. And we don't fry in the sun, don't have fangs, don't have a blood fetish and don't hunt people.
—Guest Jess

Common Sense Says Vampires ARE REAL.

Anyone who knows anything about anthropology and cultural studies will tell you that every little bit of myth is based upon some reality. And when you look at various cultures, seperated by time and distance, we see the figure of the vampire, which contrary to popular misconception was NOT invented by Brahm Stoker. This is too much of a coincidence to just dismiss, and it would be absurd to assume that cultures who had no or little contact with one another would all "invent" the exact same mythos or have the same experiences attatched to them. The belief in vampires is still very present in many villiages in Eastern Europe. So, for all of those non-believers out there....perhaps the question is, what is lacking in your own psyche that is allowing your fear to paralyze you and keep you from looking at the very simple, and logical conclusion that not only are vampires real, but there is much more out there than the tiny little box of modern life would have us to believe.
—Guest Niki- Vampire Researcher Writer

Who knows?

It's really impossible to know if vampires exist or not. They're just another enigma of the world. Asking if vampires are real is same as asking if God is real, or if Extraterrestrial life really is out there. The world is filled with mysteries, and vampires are one of them. If we were intended to know whether they were real or not, we would. That's it. So chill out.
—Guest Lianna

what I say about vampires....

They are real just like any supernatural creature out their.They only hide because human has tendes to do thing.Look at witch they were hung so they fear of preosuction although others dnt care....I should know I am a vampire.My best friend and donar and my other family know my secerts.Well my family are supernatural creatures except sara.So yes we do exist but e arent all like books and websites make us sound.. 1:We can come out in sunlight but rather not(and n sparkling(this aint twilight). 2:we grow old too...we do not have no youth forever key.We look younger but arent. and 3:Yes we do drink blood but some of us arent monster as ppl make us out to be. So we are like everyone else but aren't.
—Guest Meko Tengore


i'm shocked at the nunber of people who think vampires are real. Sheesh! The people who wrote the first stories about vampires and werewolves knew they were writing fiction. What the heck is your excuse?
—Guest Jmon20


if they are real then I would def invite one to turn me. Ive always been sensitive to the other side ie. spirits things like that since I was young its how I met my wife. told her her whole life story the nite we met, cuz her deceased mother and father where there with me. but always been interested to the vamp thing. and have experianced taking energy from another what Ive heard as psychic vamp. dont know. all I know is what Im honestly able to do and what Ive seen
—Guest rick

I know what you really are.

You are a psychic vampire. A being that is able to drain others of life energy. When the host is drained, they do NOT become a vampire. They become weak and depressed.
—Guest Tsubasa

Calm down people...

ok. so everyone needs to calm down. if you think that everyone who says they are a vampire is a goth freak or whatever, we get it! you only need to say it once. your only trying to cause problems or get attention if your going around saying 'your gay, you think your a vampire' or even if your running around saying 'i'm a vamp! i'm a vamp! i'm a vamp!' cause why would a real vampire go around telling people that unless they were trying to make a point or they were mentally retarded? and for those of you who are scared of vampires you just need to take a chill pill. what are the chances that your gonna get bitten by a vampire? like 1 in 99,000,000,000? this also goes out to all the people going around being all depressed because they aren't a vampire cause they didn't get bitten. if the vampires haven't gotten you yet you could always go find a werewolf or a slayer and take out your anger killing vampires as one of them.
—Guest Hurt

My Opinion

First off I think people need to stop complaining about goths or fake vampires or whatever. it's they're life style not yours. Second I think that maybe there are vampires Somewhere in the world. probley not like anyone expects but something more than just a human that feels they need blood or psy energy. I mean really there is so much of the earth that people haven't even been able to explore how can someone say we know everything about whats down here.
—Guest Amber

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