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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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I luv vampire I seriously want to be one of them like bella wow
—Guest heenal


Havent you people looked on vampirewebsite.net ? like someone already suggested im sure you guy have not but you need to. it tells you eveything about a vampire. how would i know cause i am one and ive read the website. we are not evil or immortal.
—Guest avery

crasy fox

Believe they are real. Believe me I've only seen them in my dreams but i known they r real
—Guest foxy

its acurse

you lose more than you gain .one never knows how much can be lost with this curse and yes Iam a real vampire .there is nothing good about what I am to all you want a be,s love is never possible .being in one place is never possible.we live in darkness never telling anyone what we are or who we are
—Guest old one

Careful out there

I only ever met one person who qualifies as a human vampire. She was 11 years old at the time she was in our facility, 4 ft high but already in a D-size bra - and according to the reports, had been psychotic since before she was weaned. Blood and knives were her obsessions, but now she was getting interested in boys. We took all available precautions, including warning the boys to stay clear of her. One of our streetwise wonders didn't listen, however, and snuck off into the laundry room with her while our backs were turned. He managed to get away with only minor scratches - but you should have seen the look on his face after his encounter. Her parents had her institutionalized shortly afterward, and I hope she was never able to escape... one of the creepiest people I ever met.
—Guest The Sitter

real vampire?

There are vampires? Where are? Where? Way to see them is the answer I want.
—Guest satan

The truth

If you were a real vampire, I must ask, why would you post something like this on a public website? This being said, do you believe vampires are "evil creatures of the night" or just special people?
—Guest —Guest Realvamp


I am not sure if vampires are real or not (no physical proof)but I do believe in them and I'd like to meet one someday
—Guest matt


First of all, we are NOT immortal. Second, we CANNOT fly, third we are NOT blood crazed murderers. Fourth, the stuff about garlic & crosses aren't true. And finally, ever hearts of vampire website.net? It has all about us. I feel insulted by this article! & our fangs aren't that long.
—Guest Nathan The Vampire

sanguine vampires exist

I know sanguine vampires exist because I had a dream about lord Cassius Eli Rossetti visiting me...I feel like he is coming. I know he lives in Europe. I called upon him for Something
—Guest alie

i think vampires are real

i think vampires are real...there is always some truth to a legend.im not one but i wouldnt mind being one,hell i'd love it.im not a blood drinker but i do like my raw hamburger meat in steaks still bloody inside.i know things before they happen sometimes.i cant be out in the sun anymore.i get sick now from it.please feel free to email me at daddyzwife1379@gmail.com
—Guest babyblue


it confuses me. cuz i have a friend who says he is one and has proved it. but i have researched so much and it never seems true.. so i dont know :O
—Guest uhhhh


Physically maybe no vampires mentally defenently me and some of my friends act like vampires not intentionally but accidently so some people don't like us also I have pale skin and you can see my vains I also have green eyes like Louis and lestat
—Guest Pearl Urita

They are real

I think vamps are real but I wouldn't mind being one I am confused and need help or advice on them email me at grimshawjordan@yahoo.co.uk vamps email me thx
—Guest Vampboy12

vampires, deadly sick demons

vampires are real but they are sick demons you would want to go near them. Legends say they live in Europe trying to kill you and get you to hell. If a vampire is bothering you, point your finger at it rebuke by saying - in the name of jesus christ of nazareth perish - and it will go away from you.
—Guest tai

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