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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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I would love to be a vampire or at least even know a vampire would be cool
—Guest talia


i want to meet a vampire i believe they are real and i would like to talk to one and see one my email is gangster_hoodnigga_08@yahoo.com
—Guest vamp

I seriously dont know which vamp i am

I am a 16 year old with a thing for vampires. Although it seems weird, i burn in the sunlight after five minutes sitting in it. My situation is similar to guest kay's i can understand animals as if they were human. I suck the energy slowly out of people without draining them but that leaves me tired cause i use all that energy to control how much i take. I have prophetic dreams that always come true and i have a high amount of attraction when someone looks into my eyes. Not like the 'i will do your bidding' thing but the love me hate me thing. Most love me though. I am a cat magnet though i dont know why. I look like your average shy nerd but i have a serious dark other personality that eats away at me and anyone it comes in contact with. It has already haunted my sister every night for a year. Now it haunts my friends and i dont even know where they live! It does though apparently. I saw one of my friends and she saw me and looked terrified! Then i saw the bitemark on her neck...
—Guest Bloodbath


what i would like to know is how do you become one and why are things running past my window very fast at night ____ > > - - - - - - - ----
—Guest alyssa phillips


Well I'm not to sure if there r real vampires out there but there's no evidence that their real. or is there? since the government could keep evidence hidden from us and we would never know plus they can eliminate anyone who questions them or defies them. Or even be doing experiments on vampires to find out more about them and using that info as a weapon agianist us. So I believe the only person or people who would know is the government. If u have any questions send me an email at vampiregirl3@yahoo.com
—Guest vamp lover

may be

if it is 21st century that donot mean we can find anything ,vampires are may be real
—Guest vaidehi shekhawat

Vampires and twilight

Are vampires real. We'll never know,but ever sense the movie Twilight came out I've been thinking maybe there are vampires out there like Edward Cullen and Belle Swan. Some people say no but this time,I say yes!!!!
—Guest Vampire et

ofcourse not

There are no such thing in this whole universe.If there were then in this 21st century it would have been discovered already with proof but no not a single person has discovered it yet. And for all of yours information telling yourself as a vampire it is all fake for sure. For the pale as white skin most of you are telling to have that pale skin there is less melanin in your skin and due to lack of haemoglobin. For the incredibly fast speed u have anyone can increase there speed daily by practicing a lot and same for the unusual strength. To tell u have thirst for blood in these website anyone one can piss the users like that. and for the long unusual canine teeth its no big deal at all. It differs from each and every person by how much calcium u eat and so on like that. So for all these there is always science behind it. And all those paranormal activities its mostly due to friction and earth's rotation and revolution that causes a vase to fall itself and so on. So throw the fiction.
—Guest annonymos


i want to be a vampire sooooo bad i would do anything to be one


I want to be a vampire! I. Believe they are true I just want proof not for no one just me to know I haven't wasted my life believing in something that isnt
—Guest vampire

vampire aging

if you turn into a vampire will you stay you're current age forever or will u age
—Guest vampire person

Well, Good Luck With That

I would want nothing more than to rid the world of vampires. "Slaying" is what I do, just to worn all you bloodbags and wannabees.
—Guest B.T.


Umm, ANYone can go out there and "drink blood," duh! However, that doesn't make you a "vampire," just a nasty dumbass "wannabe." If you want to live in some fantasy world like the stupid vegans do (just on the opposite spectrum) be my guest, but it isn't going to get you ahead in any way. You're a "dying" human being just like everyone (and everything for that matter) else on this planet. You can't escape it as it's your destiny, just like it is for every other human born in history and in the future. Please do us all a favor and "get over yourselves." Now on the note regarding "vampire clients," BOY I could tell you some "draining" stories there, lol!
—Guest HatingOnVamps&VegaNazis


I am a vampire I am real I am the only one left in the word I am lounly I was born1890s that is 3,,00000years ago
—Guest Angel Lynn McWilliams


well yes i am a vampire because i have been craving blood and i run faster but i am working on flying a lot
—Guest beth

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