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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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wake up

Total rubbish, vampires are not among us it’s all made up by films and myth / legend to scare the people, we humans are much more superhuman than we think, all in good time, when we are ready to use power with love only then shall we become able to unlock those incredible abilities which are lying dormant within us.
—Guest brian

existence, indeed

Ahh, nothing like the glorifications, thank you kindly hollywood and millionaire writers! Has society forgotten that truth does lie out there? only to be glittered up by over-fantasized humans..do these writers or organized companies not realize the raw basic truths that strike us each day? Three vampyre types exist in my world, the psychic vampyre, the sexual vampyre and traditional "blood" sucking vampyres. Only the first two affect my daily life. I have not come into contact with the last. Take the psychic vampire for example, they are very real, have an ability to tune in to unknowing weak persons (mentally) and the world around them, more than the average person would. They "feed" off of emotions. Ok, ok. I understand, it may not be the hunky, sultry looking teen, staring from the back of the classroom at you, but real life is not glitz or glamour..it is real. Vampyre reality exists...the reality of everyday life...maybe you are that unknowing person.....
—Guest dayzgrl

what i think

well vampires are really cool and i love vampires a llot and i am one but i dont kill humans because i dont want to eat them or hert them
—Guest billy

Yes and No

There are such creatures as vampire bats that drink cow and chicken blood. There are no real vampires people could fang implants, but that does not make them a vampire. Even if the drink blood. The people who bite people and drink blood are somewhat crazy. Like Dracula, he was a real person but he killed people and drank their blood. He was just a cruel and crazy prince. So no human vampires exsist but vampires bats do.
—Guest Dunpeal

they are real

vanpires are real because im a vampire I no becase when i bit my freind she became one and i also drink blode
—Guest megan hoffecker

So What

Who care's if there are vampire's just leave them alone let them live there live's and live your's i mean it's very dangerous to get into there buisnnes because for all you know you think there just monsters living for nothing....i think there living for something but just hasnt figured why they need to live forever...so just back off...
—Guest _evalina_

I don't mind the books...

But of course it's not based on anything real. Sang Vampires and Psychic Vampires are a Human type of Vampire, not real ones. So I find it offensive so many people claim to be somehting they are not. I admit I am a Sang Vampire myself, but I know REAL Vampires, too. So I know I'm not a real one. Case closed.
—Guest WolfClaw

can you tell

but how can you tell there are vampiers around you in your nieghbour hood?
—Guest kim

Glitter Gods

In a time of great termoil, it is natural for people to look for an out, something shinny to lessen the angst of todays stress; hence the recent vampire fascination. Vampires are beautiful, strong, capable, immune from sickness and have even made things like death seem trivial. These super people are everything we would wish to be. Above day to day life, above the strife of the work force, above money, above not having any time to accomplish tasks. Vampires are beyond day to day life, they are beyond the grave.
—Guest El Rey de Los Changos

Vampire subculture

Vampires do exist .they are faster ,stronger ,intelligent ,smart ,when you touch them,you could feel that they are always cold . Rest of the stuff are filmy .
—Guest Pyramid


Eversince I was an infant, I've seen so many different creatures, and I grew so curious to know more... I did. But eventually, it washed doubt over my mind... What if I'd seen some demon- ghost, etc??? I mean really... who knows?
—Guest DurreShehwar Ali

vampire lover

Vampires are faster and stornger and it also have jobs.And who read this and he is a vampire don't tell the people because i,m a vampire and i yesterday i had attacked form 2 demon and werewolves.
—Guest robert

Freaked out....

What are the characteristics of a vampire? Do they suck blood, have fangs and a vampire costume? I know someone who has all that and am freaked out by it. What do u think?
—Guest Curious

What a bunch of crock

I believe that there may be what is called "a true vampire" but for this subculture that has sprung up...I feel pity for them. I do not believe that what they do is truly to be considered "real" nor do I consider them to be real vampires. Especially when many are prone to saying, "This is a REAL vampire site. No RPGers are allowed" yet they will type out that they are 2119 years old and expect a reasoning human being to accept that as fact. But then again, most that go to those sites are in their early 20's and younger. Oh, yes...some older humans will join but they soon leave after seeing what terrible spelling is displayed and the outrageous claims of being thousands of years old. I say they all are wanna-be vampires and I hope they move on to life outside of the internet.
—Guest Reasonable human being

If only, if only..

If only Vampires, like the ones we see in movies, existed. I could care less about human beings who think they are Vampire just because they feel "different" than others and have this psychological "need" for blood. They don't intrigue me. I have a huge fascination with Vampires too. The real thought of ones, not the human ones. You couldn't tell by looking at me how deep my fascination with Vampires is. I have this journal. I call it my "Casting" journal. Two weeks straight before Halloween I kept repeating a certain "Spell" to myself and to the moon. I asked the moon to give me a sign in accordance to my spell on Halloween night. Well, I got my sign.. I got more than one. But the first sign I got was eerily dead on. I can't tell you what it was or what that spell contained.. but, I really hope that my sign was real and not just a incredibly rare and dead on coincidence. There's more to my story than that, but just not enough space to write. Bummer.
—Guest Shley_11

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